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A Ronson Reunion


While other designers may vie for a Los Angeles—and celebrity—following, Charlotte Ronson seems a natural on the scene, mixing business and pleasure with enviable ease. In town to celebrate the holiday season at the newly opened hot spot Everleigh with supper and cocktails, Ronson delighted in the left coast aesthetic. “So many of my best friends are out here, including my sister, and I love being able to have sleepovers with her,” the designer said of her twin, Samantha, who came to show her familial support. (The two, left, are both in Charlotte Ronson.) “Plus, since I just got my [driver’s] license a few years ago, I finally get to really practice out here.”

Over a casual family-style spread, Ronson went through her Spring ’11 lookbook with Ashlee Simpson (who attended with husband Pete Wentz), while Nicky Hilton and China Chow caught up with friends at the other end of the table. The Office‘s Mindy Kaling mingled with the sisters Ronson, Shiri Appleby, and Ione Skye. It was a nice break for Ronson, who’s been on the move lately: opening two stores in Shanghai, continuing her partnership with JCPenney on the I Heart Ronson line, and working on her Fall collection, all of which has left her ready for a reprieve. “I feel like the holidays just caught up with me this year,” she said. “I definitely want to go to a beach somewhere, but I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t even had time to plan it yet.”

Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Ronson

The Juniors’ Department


If, cruising through the Hollywood Hills yesterday, you thought you zoomed by Minnie Driver chasing after a toddler riding a glittering pony, well, you did. Driver, the kid, and the pony (Buttons) were all guests at Liberty Ross’ afternoon tea party in honor of Daniella Issa Helayel, who’s launching the tot’s version of her namesake clothing line, Baby Issa. (That’s Ross with Baby Issa-clad babies, above.) The well-dressed under-five set will soon be wearing 100 percent cotton and cotton voile dresses, swimsuits, and trenchcoats. Hollywood types like Monet Mazur, Ione Skye and rocker hubby Ben Lee, and Vanity Fair‘s Krista Smith brought their fashion-forward kiddies to peruse the goods while DJ Brett Anderson worked the turntables—the party being, she discovered, more of a challenge than she’d anticipated. “Finding cool, kid-appropriate music is tough,” Anderson mused. “Like, did you know that “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is about murder?”

The scene in Ross’ sunlit backyard resembled something out of a G-rated La Dolce Vita. In addition to Buttons, there was the requisite Crumbs cupcakes spread, a manicure station (where Decades’ Cameron Silver was spotted), a temporary tattoo booth, a pillow-strewn fort, and scores of Baby Issa-wearing children prancing about. “This is nothing like my childhood parties,” said Driver as she watched a three-year-old get a tattoo of an anchor. “The most we ever got was an above-ground pool and some charred hot dogs.”

Photo: Andreas Branch / Patrick

full moon rising


Even if you haven’t been experiencing the effects of Mercury in retrograde of late, tonight’s imminent full moon may have made its presence felt over the past few days in more ways than one. For those in the know in SoCal, it means it’s time for Full Moon Puja, a Hindu ceremony, which Aussie singer Ben Lee and actress/artist Ione Skye will host at their Hollywood Hills home. “We like the idea of hosting the Pujas because it brings a nice energy into the house and we appreciate the idea of tending to an altar with offerings and devotions,” explains Skye. Our favorite part of the experience? Being die-hard accessory addicts, we’re fans of the wool bracelets guests are given. Taken directly from the altar during the meditation ceremony, they’re believed to carry positive energy—and a little of that never hurts.

Photo: Linlee Allen

camp freddy rocks out for john varvatos


Los Angeles sweated through a heat wave last week, but it didn’t last quite long enough for the John Varvatos store opening in Malibu on Saturday afternoon—an abrupt change in the weather meant that the party went on during heavy rainfall. That didn’t stop several hundred guests from coming out to celebrate and take in the performance by supergroup Camp Freddy (a.k.a. Dave Navarro, Donovan Leitch, and Matt Sorum). “We’re friends with John and Malibu residents, so it was a no-brainer,” said Cindy Crawford of the event, which benefited the Malibu Legacy Park Project. Other guests seated on Persian rugs in the big white tent were Ione Skye, Ben Lee, Perry Farrell, Lance Bass, and Kirsty Hume. “The clothes have enough of an edge and we have a lot of credibility with musicians,” said Varvatos. “Those guys all know that I’m a rock ‘n’ roll junkie and that I’m super-passionate about it.”

Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images