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Candy Pratts Price Says Eat, Drink, And Shop Your Way Across NYC Tomorrow Night


Click here to download’s iPhone app—featuring the latest Fashion’s Night Out info >

Background Photo: Getty Images Takes Fashion’s Night Out Digital


There’s a new reason to love’s iPhone app. Starting now, you’ll be able to prepare your itinerary for the Lollapalooza of retail therapy—Fashion’s Night Out—wherever you are. Make a selection from the constantly updating alphabetical list of all the participating stores in New York (there are 800-plus) and you’ll get the shop’s address, phone number, and a brief description of the events and celebrity appearances taking place there on September 10, along with a link to a handy Google map. The best part? You won’t spend a penny for this convenience—it’s a free download from Apple’s App Store. Shop for good.



Love At First Sight: Skype App For IPhone And IPod


What: A nifty add-on to your phone that lets you make Internet calls to fellow Skype users without being attached to your computer. (A Wi-Fi connection is required.)

Why: It keeps the grandparents happy and up-to-date with my little prince’s development—and wardrobe. Not to mention it’s good for the environment: no phone bills or carbon footprints. Earth Day is tomorrow, don’t forget.

Where: Free on the iPhone.’s Killer App 2.0

-------’s iPhone application made headlines last season for putting our exclusive fashion show pictures and reviews—not to mention our up-to-the-second Style File blog and runway videos—in the palm of your hand. As if you needed another reason to download it, we’ve now added party pics to the mix, as well as coverage of the men’s shows. Which means hours more front-row fun for you and your friends. What are you waiting for?

Note: If the Fall 2009 shows fail to display on your device, you may need to download the latest iPhone software update from iTunes.

Recessionista: Swaim Hutson Travels In Time For $2.99


What: The Camera Bag app for the iPhone, a bargain at $2.99, provides eight artsy filters for the phone’s camera. They include the Helga, which adds a Holga-like desaturation and vignette border; the Lolo, which emulates the beloved classic Lomo camera; and a nostalgic sepia-toned one called 1974.

Why: Because you bought an iPhone, and now you might as well have some cheap fun. Says Obedient Sons designer Swaim Hutson, “I can instantly take [daughter] Lowe back to my childhood days. Depending on how Christina dresses her, I can make her look like a cross between David Lee Roth and an eighties hesher.” (That’s Lowe Hutson transported to 1974, pictured here.)

Where: On an iPhone App store near you.

Photo: Swaim Hutson