April 18 2014

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Meet Srta. Universe, Isabel Marant’s Favorite Lady Is A Lad, Bananarama Returns, And More…


Felicitaciones to our neighbor to the south—last night, Jimena Navarrete (pictured), Miss Mexico, was named Miss Universe. We didn’t think we cared, really, but following what seemed to be the entire fashion community’s live-tweeting of the event, we got into it. [Styleite]

A selection of Avedon portraits are set to go on the auction block in Paris to benefit the Richard Avedon Foundation, including the famous Dovima with Elephants. It’s expected to reach up to around $4 million, for which price, we imagine, you might be able to buy an actual elephant. [Vogue U.K.]

Every Dame has her day, and Vivienne Westwood’s about to have hers: Selfridges is mounting an exhibition of her shoes, ranging from the early seventies to the present day. It’ll include the famous Super Elevated Gillie platform, which felled Naomi Campbell on the runway back in ’93. ]WWD]

Strange words from Isabel Marant: “I hate famous women. My ideal woman is Serge Gainsbourg, not that he was a woman.” [Hint Mag]

Speaking of strange, here’s one we didn’t expect: The top-selling item at Wal-Mart nationwide is…the banana? Apparently, the potassium-rich fruits really move, and come to think of it, we have noticed that they’re having something of a moment right now. Over the weekend, the Times weighed in on Chiquita’s new design-your-own-packaging campaign. Of course, by packaging, they mean “sticker”; it’s hard to one-up Mother Nature on that peel. [Racked]

Photo: Isaac Brekken / AP Photo

Prints, Charming?


The explosion of prints over the past few months has infiltrated every area of the stylish woman’s wardrobe, from accessories to tops, shoes, and even—that last frontier—pants. Ask Suno‘s Erin Beatty, whose African-inspired collections pile print on print, and the explanation’s obvious: It’s an antidote to all the dull stuff out there.

“I think that every time the economy goes sour, what people try to do is go back to basics,” Beatty told “It’s because that’s safe and they know it’s going to sell and yada yada yada. But I don’t think that’s necessarily what people want, or how people truly want to express themselves, regardless of the economy. So many people turned back to basics that prints started to feel new and fresh again. That’s what we saw—working with these African fabrics, everything felt so new and original. And that’s exactly how women want to portray themselves.”

It’s certainly how designers from Dries Van Noten to Isabel Marant have been portraying the women on their runways. They’ve styled bold, brilliant pants with sheer tops, slick moto jackets, eye-popping lamé blazers, and, yes, even more prints. Cuts range from cropped, peg-legged jeans to billowing, carrot-shaped harem pants, but whatever the shape, the style isn’t for the shrinking violet. “Printed pants, especially, are so confident,” Beatty continued. “I think the reason printed pants are scary is that women are always very protective of the way our legs look—it’s the ongoing lifetime search, finding the perfect pant. But the printed pant that actually fits well and flatters your figure can even enhance your figure.”

Do you agree? Click here for a slideshow of some of our favorite options from the runways (and a few stylish girls trying the trend), and let us know if you’ll be rocking the look this fall.

Photo: Marcio Madeira /

All Business For Gisele, Prada, Pierre Bergé, And More…


The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is out, and models are well represented. Gisele (pictured; #85), Heidi Klum (#86), and Kate Moss (#91) all made the list—though, we have to admit, in the lower rungs. You’re gonna need to hustle to catch up with Taylor Swift (#12), ladies! [Forbes]

Prada is reportedly again considering an IPO, a move it has mulled and rejected several times over the past few years. The latest bid has the company going public in the first quarter of 2012. [WWD]

A group of three investors—including YSL’s late partner in business and life, Pierre Bergé—will assume control of the struggling French newspaper Le Monde. The trio’s bid was opposed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, owing to Bergé’s close ties to socialist politics, but narrowly approved by a board vote. [Bloomberg]

And if all that business news is a little heady for a Tuesday morning, relax with a few pretty pictures. The experts at Modelinia weigh in on two new Fall campaigns: Isabel Marant (starring #91 herself, Kate Moss), and Miu Miu (starring Ginta Lapina and Siri Tollerød). [Modelinia]

Photo: Don Ashby and Olivier Chasse

The Must-Watch Show For Runway Fanatics Is…So You Think You Can Dance?!


It’s a week before Fox unveils the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance, and the show’s hostess is on the phone with a confession. “The first dress I bought where I thought I had gone completely mad was an Alexander McQueen,” Cat Deeley tells “It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen, like I had gone up to my grandmother’s attic and opened a trunk and pulled out this treasure of millions of layers of white tulle. It looked like a fairy-tale rock princess’s dress. I spent a fortune on it. But it’s so over the top that I’ve never, you know, actually worn it.”

Huh? This from the hostess of a weekly Fox dance-off?

But Deeley’s enviable wardrobe is reason enough for fashion-minded viewers to tune in, however they feel about splits and pliés. She’s quietly brought Balenciaga, Christian Dior, YSL, and Givenchy to prime time. “I like to have fun with what I wear on the show,” Deeley says. “People either love it or hate it, but they always have strong opinions about it. And, for me, that’s what fashion should be about.”

Even with more designers—especially countrymen like Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Alice Temperley, and Giles Deacon—making their collections available to her, Deeley says she still picks up many of her ensembles at vintage stores on the road during auditions. (She’s also got a strong feeling for French designers like Roland Mouret, Isabel Marant, and Lanvin.) So, what’s on deck for next Thursday? “I never know what I am going to actually wear until the morning of the show,” she explains. “I go into the studio and see how I’m feeling—ballsy or not? Then I pick the outfit and turn to my makeup team with detailed scenarios—like, think Talitha Getty in Morocco or Jerry Hall meeting Andy Warhol. That’s how we do it. I’ve definitely put some crazy things together in my time.” So why not wear the McQueen dress after all? “It’s so over the top that everyone would literally turn around and say I’ve gone clinically insane,” she laughs. “Maybe instead I will just get it framed.” Continue Reading “The Must-Watch Show For Runway Fanatics Is…So You Think You Can Dance?!” »

Isabel Marant Hits New York At Last


Isabel Marant told us she was planning her first New York store way back in March of last year at her Fall 2009 show, and local fans of the French designer’s casual-cool sensibility have been waiting with credit cards at the ready ever since. We couldn’t get an official count on just how many pairs of her fringed and cuffed pirate boots will be waiting when the charming Mr. Hatman window signs (see below) disguising the construction site within come down and the doors finally open at 469 Broome Street this weekend. But on a transatlantic phone call, Marant did tell us that she’s planning to stock the label’s strongest pieces. No doubt her followers will like the sound of that.

Who did you work with on the project?
A French architect named Nicolas Andre. He did my three shops in Paris; it’s been quite a long time that we’ve been working together.

Will the new shop feel like the stores in Paris?
No, not at all. I quite hate doing the same store over and over again. I like to work around the space I’ve found, and generally I choose a space because it has a soul that I like. In Soho, I fell in love with this building on the corner of Broome and Greene; it represents what I had in my head about New York, the huge spaces. We have columns and a really great ceiling with embossed metal panels. As the space was really big, we constructed a kind of wooden cabin. It’s quite hard to explain, but it’s between a sculpture and a tree house. It’s a space within a space.

That sounds similar to what your husband, Jérôme [Dreyfuss, the bag designer], did in his store next door.
No, it’s very different. Of course, we love the same things and we have the same inspirations, living together for 15 years now. Of course there are similarities between us. But we never speak together about what we’re doing [at work] because we have really separate [design] universes. Neither of us was quite used to having such huge spaces, because in Paris it’s very rare to have this kind of space. We both had the same idea of reducing the space, having a smaller space within a big space. Yes, we share the same architect, but we really worked separately with Nicolas.

Continue Reading “Isabel Marant Hits New York At Last” »