August 28 2014

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Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Gets the Jay and Bey Seal of Approval


Beyonce and Jay Z

Today in Jay Z and Beyoncé news, the power pair has released a trailer for their upcoming On The Run Tour, which kicks off on June 29. The nearly four minute video clip feels more movie trailer than promo short, and sees the couple unleash their inner Bonnie & Clyde—flashback to 2003—and wreak havoc. The clip boasts an impressive lineup of star-studded appearances (from Blake Lively, Sean Penn, and Jake Gyllenhaal, just to name a few), but we couldn’t take our eyes off Virgil Abloh’s signature Off-White camo jacket, which Jay Z is seen wearing at the 1:05 and 1:33 marks. It was only five months ago that the Chicago-born designer (who also happens to be Kanye West’s creative director) launched his Off-White streetwear label. As if his recent foray into womenswear and weekly contributions to Style Map weren’t enough to stir up buzz, a nod from music’s royal couple will undoubtedly put Abloh on quite a few radars.

Natalie Portman Chooses Between Two Brothers—Or Does She?


It was a small victory to make it to the bar at Abe & Arthur’s last night, where Details and DKNY hosted the after-party for the Cinema Society screening of Brothers. Luckily, the mood at the hot spot in no way matched the emotional intensity of the battle scenes—martial and marital—that give the film its dark energy. To wit, Brothers star Tobey Maguire was full of smiles, making him virtually unrecognizable from the character he plays in the film, a prisoner of war in Afghanistan who returns home after being presumed dead. In Maguire’s absence, his wife, played by Natalie Portman, has a romantic dalliance with Maguire’s brother, played by Jake Gyllenhaal; suffice it to say, sparks fly. Maguire, who spent time with soldiers and their families in preparation for the role, slimmed down to a sickly weight, but his character returns from the Middle East with enough demons to flesh out any malnourished mercenary.

How did the stars stay sane on set? “We definitely needed the lightness to deflate the intensity,” Portman said of the cast’s attempts at humor between takes. “Jake would make [director] Jim [Sheridan] say things in his Irish accent that amused us; like the word third, he says turd, so that provided pretty endless amusement.” As for the starlet and her personal history with love triangles, she claimed innocence, but seemed game. “It would be fun if they were like Tobey and Jake,” said Portman, who wore a bright blue Spring 2010 Jason Wu dress and electric purple super-high Aldo heels. No arguments here.