September 1 2014

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On Our Radar: Jawbone Jambox


A recent move found me hearing something new in my apartment: silence. Close enough to the street-facing windows, and I can get the occasional siren or car alarm, but thanks to the railroad-style proportions of the place, you’ve got to shout at one end to be heard at the other—which basically means that for music, my trusty laptop speakers (never great to begin with) became totally moot. The solution: the new Jawbone Jambox, whose slick styling, I’m glad to say, is a good deal less awkward than its name. Like the now ubiquitous Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the thing was created by industrial design genius Yves Behar and his fuseproject studio, who have the merit of putting form on par with function. It streams audio wirelessly from my iPod Touch (or your iPad, iPhone, or any Bluetooth-enabled device), and looks good doing it. (It’s also small enough to stow in your bag and take with you, a handy feature, given that it can last ten hours on a charge.) This thing is sexy tech, a phrase I don’t have occasion to utter too often. So no surprise it’s carried (right alongside the iPad, I’m told) at Apple stores, and now at the NYC menswear mecca Odin New York.