September 2 2014

styledotcom Would you let your kids draw on your @Versace wedding gown? Angelina did. Commence: awws.

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Alexandra Richards Goes Bare, Tim Hamilton Goes Private, Miu Miu Goes Tuscan, And More…


Alexandra Richards (pictured) strips down for the latest French Playboy. That’s usually the sort of thing that dads object to, but in her case, we imagine dad’s done way worse. [NY Post via Daily Front Row]

Tim Hamilton canceled his eponymous menswear show in Paris, opting to show the new collection by private appointment instead. “It’s about the clothing at the end of the day, not the spectacle,” the designer said. [WWD]

Miu Miu opens its newest shop in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, the Tuscan town where the rich and famous (like Giorgio Armani and Andrea Bocelli) keep villas. Funny, we always thought of Bocelli as more Prada than Miu Miu, but it is hard to resist those kitty collars. [Racked]

And, so you can decide for yourself: Pieces from James Franco’s art opening. [On Location Vacations]

Photo: Seth Browarnik / Startraks Photo

They’re On A Boat


Name that designer: “I thought it would be kind of hilarious to pair a cougar with two younger dudes and see what kind of story would come out of it.”

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Blasblog: Diana Widmaier Picasso’s Cure For The Too-Many-Parties Blues


Down here in Miami, I’ve found that fashion folk and art worlders have at least one hobby in common: They all love to complain. (That doesn’t exclude me, either; I’ve caught myself moaning when a party has prosecco instead of Champagne or, even worse, doesn’t have sparkling water.) Parties are too boring, too New York, or too unoriginal; they start too late, or there’s too many of them. It’s always something. But for all the complaints, there was one party that was totally singular and totally fascinating. It was Diana Widmaier Picasso’s fête at the Raleigh for Klaus Biesenbach, the recently appointed director of P.S.1 and a Chief Curator at Large at MoMA, which featured midnight performances from Kalup Linzy, Ryan McNamara, and Terence Koh.

“I wanted to do something special, something fun, something unordinary,” Picasso explained (that’s her on James Franco’s right, with Linda Yablonsky). So she did. The night started with Linzy (pictured, left) performing some of the numbers from his music videos, which you’ve seen here. McNamara then tore through the crowd with his spotlight dance performance, and Terence Koh finished the evening with his piece, which started with him lying motionless on the floor of one of the hotel’s restaurant terraces and ended with a mass migration of the whole party to the beach, with plastic cups and bottles of booze stolen from the bar. It was festive and fun, completely original, and unrepeatable. Even so, I heard someone complain that it was too cold outside.


Photo: Derek Blasberg

Gookie by Gookie, Versace Cuts, and More…



Gucci (or is it Gookie?) spokesmodel James Franco takes his job very seriously. Filming the brand’s fragrance commercial reduced him to tears. Watch the clip. [Funny or Die, WWD]

More recession blues: Versace announced plans to cut 350 jobs by the middle of next year. [WWD]

When modeling loses its appeal for Heidi Mount, she’s got her next job all lined up: “I’d really like to try to be an aesthetician. I’m a zit popper and I enjoy it, so I’ve looked into it.” [W Editors’ Blog]

The brave women at British Vogue test-walked Alexander McQueen‘s 12-inch—a.k.a. one-foot—heels and were humbled by the experience. [British Vogue]

Kate Moss to walk the runway for Givenchy?If Riccardo Tisci has anything to say about it. [Fashionologie]


Alexander Wang Has Him On Speed Dial


“Downsizing” has become a common refrain over the past year. Companies are downsizing their staffs. Consumers are downsizing their budgets for the nicer things in life—vacations, nights out, clothes. It’s not all bad, though. The bummer economy has made more than a few people think petite when it comes to space. McMansions are out; walk-ups and bungalows are in. Before you go turning up your nose at the idea of cramped quarters, recall that they’re better for the environment as well as one’s own bottom line, and long-term demographic and economic trends portend the rise, again, of city living. If you think New York is crowded now, just wait. And while you’re waiting, you might as well take a number for the services of Ryan Korban. Over the past two years, interior designer Korban has made a specialty of bringing big-time panache to modest one-bedrooms and live/work spaces; his first client was the jewel box Tribeca shop Edon Manor, which he co-owns and creative-directs. Since then, he’s picked up work from the likes of actor James Franco and designer Alexander Wang, whose offices Korban is currently revamping. Here, Korban talks to about the power of youth, the beauty of thinking small, and the importance of “the mix.”

How did you get interested in design?
I don’t know exactly—the interest was always there, it was just a matter of figuring out where I wanted to take it. I like fashion, I like art; both those things seemed like possibilities for me, and then at some point I realized that what I really like to do is create environments. And around the same time that I figured that out, my friend Davinia [Wang] asked me to help her open this store—Edon Manor. So that wound up being my first project.

So you never officially “trained”?
My training has either been, you know, self-directed in idiosyncratic ways, or on the job, which I actually feel is the best education. I learned more about lighting from the contractors we brought in to do the installation at Edon Manor than I ever could have reading a book. But in general, everything in my career so far has played out kind of backwards—most designers right out of school, they work under someone for a while, then eventually they get their first residential project, and then at some point down the line the opportunity comes along to do a commercial space. I was doubly lucky in that not only did Edon Manor give me a commercial platform right off the bat, but because that space has such a residential feel, I picked up work in people’s homes almost immediately after we opened.

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