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Hamptons Liv-ing


In between a weekend packed with events, not to mention the kick-off of London’s Olympic Games, partygoers in the Hamptons made it out Friday night for the Cinema Society and’s beachside screening of director Jake Schreier’s latest effort, Robot & Frank. After dinner by Gabby Karan and Gianpaolo de Felice’s Tutto il Giorno restaurant, the guests and the film’s stars, Susan Sarandon, Frank Langella, Liv Tyler, and James Marsden cozied up on the white couches and blankets by the pool to watch the film, about an ex-jewel thief (Langella) who gets a robot companion (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard), who eventually becomes his heist-mate. “It was very low budget—we were all in that house and there was a 110-degree heat wave and we had no air conditioning and no trailers,” Tyler told “That poor robot was baking in the heat,” Sarandon added before the movie got underway. “I found the robot to be easier than some of the people I have worked with.”

While the crowd watched the film outside to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, Barbara Walters and a few other curious guests snuck inside Jerry and Judy Della Femina’s East Hampton home to get a glimpse of the Opening Ceremony. “I don’t have a television so I have to make an effort to see the Olympics,” Sarandon admitted once the screening ended. “There are always so many beautiful stories though. My son-in-law Kyle Martino is actually calling the soccer for MSNBC, and I don’t know how much Ping-Pong they will show, but I know some of the team that is from the U.S., so I am curious to see that.” (Sarandon is one of the celebrity world’s biggest supporters of table tennis, as a part owner of New York’s Spin Ping-Pong club.)

Saturday would see the annual Super Saturday yard sale and fundraiser for ovarian cancer in Water Mill, but Liv Tyler wasn’t up to face the crowds. “I’m having Super Saturday at my house,” she joked. “I’m renting a farm house here this summer and I like to push wheelbarrows around and ride my pickup truck. That’s my favorite thing—driving all around town in my pickup truck, listening to music from the tape player. With everyone else driving around in their Range Rovers, it’s pretty funny.”

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Kate The Great


Hollywood sends the fashion world plenty of pretty envoys. See: Kate Bosworth. But for all the popularity the fetching L.A. native enjoys among the frock-makers, a lot of moviegoers still know of her as the surfer babe from Blue Crush.

With Straw Dogs, the designer darling is hoping to ride a new wave. Bosworth plays a struggling actress who moves back to her hometown in Mississippi with her husband (James Marsden), where she strikes up an uneasy reacquaintance with an old flame (Alexander Skarsgard). Like the 1971 Sam Peckinpah film it’s based on, Straw Dogs unfolds in an atmosphere of sex-inflected menace; it also contains a pivotal rape scene, which has been the focus of most of the buzz around the remake.

“A lot of people ask me about the rape scene, which was sort of challenging,” Bosworth explained at last night’s Tribeca Grand premiere. “But what was equally challenging was tracking the tension that the characters are going through.”

Bosworth also helped put together her character’s wardrobe, and it seems her stylish sensibility was a hit with the suits. According to director Rod Lurie, “The head of the studio, Clint Culpepper, is also a big fashionista.”

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Brooklyn Decker: Hollywood Calls, But The Bikini Stays In The Picture


Normally a New York fixture, Condé Nast Traveler decamped to the left coast last night for their annual Hot List party, celebrating the issue that designates everything that’s, well, hot. Yes, that meant the most sought-after hotels, spas, restaurants, and resorts worldwide, but also regulation hotties like Sofia Vergara, Emma Stone, James Marsden, and Brooklyn Decker. Decker, a first-time attendee, was glad that this year’s fête made its way to Los Angeles. In town for meetings with her agents, the model-turned-actress seemed content to jostle among the Hollywood-heavy crowd. She recently made an eye-catching turn in Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It, and more’s on the way. “At the end of the day, it’s all so incestuous as it is,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover girl reasoned of her foray from modeling to the big screen. “If you look at magazine covers, it’s all actresses, and if you look at campaigns, it’s both models and actresses. I think the lines are so blurred between the two industries that I really feel fulfilled making movies.” That’s not to say she’s retiring the bikini any time soon.

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