August 29 2014

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Raising The Bar


If anyone out there needs yet more proof that we’re living in the age of the blogger, head over to Macy’s new pop-up, Bar III, where the mega-retailer has enlisted a few e-personalities to do its styling and merchandising. Rumi Neely (of Fashion Toast), Jane Aldridge (of Sea of Shoes), Elizabeth Spiridakis (of Feels Like White Lightning), and Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs (of Street Etiquette) lent their talents to the new shop, creating looks from the new collection, which retails, almost without exception, for under $100.

“I thought it was cool that Macy’s was doing something really fresh and approachable,” Aldridge told at last night’s opening of the downtown store. Spiridakis agreed. “It’s interesting to see how each of us created such different looks using the same clothes.” Those clothes—ranging from embellished blouses to graphic-print bustier dresses—are available in select Macy’s stores and online.

Neely was excited to wear one hat instead of three for a change. “A lot of times, as a blogger, you are in the full spotlight as model, designer, and stylist,” she said. “It was cool to just play stylist for once.” This week, however, she is ready to resume all of her blogger/stylist/model duties as fashion week heats up, now that she has all of the right gear. “The first thing I did today was buy gloves because my hands were about to fall off,” she admitted. “So, is that how you do it here?” Well, yes—until you need to type out that next blog post, that is.

Bar III will be open through March 6 at 156 Fifth Ave., NYC.

Photo: Max Rapp/

Gryphon’s Aldridge Trench Celebrates Post-Apocalypse Now


“This is actually the first time I’ve heard either of their voices,” Gryphon‘s Aimee Cho admitted on a three-way call with, Sea of Shoes‘ Jane Aldridge, and Atlantis Home‘s Judy Aldridge. Despite having worked on a hotly anticipated collaborative trenchcoat, the Aldridge trench—which Cho designed with the mother-daughter blogging duo—she and the Aldridges have never met in person. We brought them together for an exclusive chat about the much-buzzed-about coat (set to hit stores in two weeks).

How did you guys first connect?
Cho: A very good friend of mine [Duskin designer Stephanie Tran] first told me about Jane and Judy’s blogs. Judy had posted a write-up of Duskin, and so that’s what got me there. I think what’s fun about their blogs is that while they both clearly are serious in their love of style and fashion, they don’t take it too seriously. They have a sense of humor about it.

What was inspiration for the design?
Jane Aldridge: My mom and I had sort of been feeling this new punk vibe, and when we were in Tokyo last summer, that was really the only place we saw it. They were wearing these post-apocalyptic designs that we were really into.
Judy Aldridge: We were actually quite lonely during that time and it magnified that apocalyptic feeling. It was a jacket you need to survive; we felt like we could wear that to survive and that was all we’d need.

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The Girls Of Crillon, Nonstop Natalia, And More…


This Saturday, 25 well-heeled newcomers will join high society at the Crillon Bal. Debutantes include Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Princess Diana’s niece, and Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge (see: some girls, luck, all). [WWD]

Natalia Vodian-overload: The Russian beauty stars in no less than three major Spring fashion campaigns, in addition to fragrance and lingerie bookings. If we have to see someone’s face all the time, we’re glad it’s hers. [WWD]

Tonight’s White House state dinner—the administration’s first—is throwing Washington into a veritable tizzy. Besides being invited to tonight’s event, the biggest coup for a D.C. social would be having the Obamas over for dinner. Click for the list of the six Washington women most likely to make the cut. [WWD]

Despite claiming that she’s “not an actress at all,” Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has agreed to star in Woody Allen’s next film, assuming he still wants her. Nothing official has been announced, but the French first lady is decidedly game. [Telegraph]

Top ten fashion catchphrases—from “smize” to “hot tranny mess”—that are working their way into our lexicon. Did they miss any? [Refinery 29]

We Suggest Diving Headfirst Into Sea of Shoes


It’s easy for us to forget there are thriving fashion communities outside the major cities, but then there’s the Internet reminding us of a world beyond. Witness our current obsession: 16-year-old Jane Aldridge’s blog, Sea of Shoes. The young Dallas suburbanite harbors a devotion to avant-garde footwear and designer vintage that rivals many a front-row veteran. Along with her mom—a former model—Aldridge chronicles her daily inspirations, eyebrow-raising outfits (having grown up in the cookie-cutter Dallas suburbs, we know well what she’s up against), and informed opinions on designer collections. But even though she’s dressing herself in The Row, Balenciaga and Givenchy, don’t think she’s a prematurely grown-up sartorial snob. The refreshingly laid-back high school student will occasionally illustrate posts with her extensive array of plastic dinosaurs.