April 19 2014

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Hats On


Since launching their line in 2008, Brooklyn-based hatmakers Molly Yestadt and Jane Pincus of Yestadt Millinery have had an unmistakable cool factor that has drawn the likes of Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, and Vena Cava’s Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock to enlist their services. So It comes as no surprise that the duo brought on a very hip crew of friends, including Matt Kliegman, Dev Hynes (who, you might recall, was on the arm of Alexa Chung during the recent runway shows), and Coco Young, to shoot their Spring ’12 video, debuting exclusively here on

“The drive behind this collection was really to try to capture that very light, very summery feeling through the fine woven straws we used,” Yestadt tells “We manipulated the shapes with minimal trimming and let the materials shine in their natural, raw states, and I think this translated to the video through Matt’s unique vision and Dev’s light and winding soundscape.”

In the short film, shot on the Long Island Sound, Young and Lyle Lodwick show off some of Yestadt Millinery’s best sellers, like wide-brim hats and boyish baseball caps, as they flit about enjoying the final days of summer (to custom sounds by Hynes). “[We wanted] to capture that late-summer love—it’s hot as hell, the shadows are long, and you can’t help but to get the sense that September is quickly approaching,” says Yestadt. Luckily for us, spring has only just started and the lazy days of summer are ahead.

Photo: Courtesy of Yestadt Millinery

A New Home For Williamsburg’s Mad Hattresses


A return to artisan craftsmanship has hit Williamsburg, Brooklyn, hard, from the butchers at Marlow & Sons restaurant (where discarded skins are now turned into leather handbags, too) to the Mast Brothers’ small-scale chocolate factory. Now Molly Yestadt of Yestadt Millinery is, ahem, throwing her hat into the ring. Her newly launched atelier on South 6th Street is giving customers a chance to see her handiwork in action. “Initially, the concept was to have a workshop that could be visited by appointment only,” says Yestadt. But, the hats on view in the floor-to-ceiling shelving that dominates the Harlequin-themed space aren’t solely for display. Yestadt Millinery’s ground-floor abode—built at the turn of the century and entirely transformed thanks to a heavy dose of “elbow grease, blood, and sweat”—will likewise double as a custom hat shop. The idea is “to come, to work with us, and let us guide you through the process so as to make it something special and wonderful,” says Yestadt, who has crafted caps for the runways of Vena Cava, Thom Browne, and Marc Jacobs and found fans in Rihanna and Leighton Meester.

For the summer, Yestadt notes she and partner Jane Pincus have been doing well with wide-brimmed toppers. For fall, another presentation and a few more collaborations—all, for the moment, kept mum. Well, except for this preview, delivered with the usual Williamsburghian brio: “Hopefully there’ll be some really awesome, creative shit. I’m ready to go wild.”

Yestadt Millinery is open by appointment only; e-mail to make an appointment.

Photo: Courtesy of Yestadt Millinery