August 31 2014

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Rachel Roy Hears Voices (But Don’t Worry, She’s Into It)


Paper Man, Kieran and Michele Mulroney’s new film about a friendless writer (Jeff Daniels) and a lonely teenager (Emma Stone) who become unlikely friends, is about people who hear voices. Kieran Culkin (as a mopey stalker-type) and Ryan Reynolds (as a blue-tighted superhero) play imaginary companions who speak to the lead characters in anxious moments. Safe to say that at Ugg and the Cinema Society’s sneak preview last night at the Crosby Street Hotel, more than a few of the guests knew what that’s like. “When don’t I have a voice in my head? I think if we don’t speak to ourselves and keep ourselves motivated, we’re not really alive,” explained Rachel Roy (pictured). Not that they’re all good. Stone copped to having the proverbial angel-devil arguments in her head: “I call that the little green goblin, the anxiety—you know, that little panic in you,” she said. Luckily, she manages to muzzle hers. “I can usually quiet it down with the good ones.” At the after-party, there were plenty of angels (Dree Hemingway, Carolyn Murphy) on hand. As for the other guy? Well, Mike Myers and Alan Cumming dropped by, too. Who knows what invisible little troublemakers goad them on?

Billy Farrell/