August 21 2014

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Say “I Do” to Catbird’s Engagement Ring Debut



If your ring game is the envy of others, you already shop at Catbird. For the past decade, the Brooklyn-based jewelry brand and store has been the borough’s go-to for bohemian baubles. And thanks to Girls like Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke donning Catbird’s designs, the label is slowly gaining mass national appeal.

Considering Catbird’s biggest claim to fame is its knuckle ring, it’s no wonder that the label’s devotees stack their finger accouterments with masterful skill. “It’s like New York living. After a certain point, you just sort of have to put things on the ceiling,” general manager Leigh Plessner told If “building up” (as Plessner calls it) doesn’t come as organically to you as it does to experienced jewelry mixers, Catbird breaks down the science with its fun how-to, aka Anatomy of a Stack.

Catbird ladies might want to start dropping hints to their special someone, because today the brand launches its own line of engagement rings. With the design studio now a stone’s throw away from the shop, the addition seems a natural progression for owner Rony Vardi. “We’ve wanted to do this for a really long time,” Vardi said. The Swans collection, as it’s been dubbed, offers semi-customizable white, rose, and standard gold bands that come with rose-cut diamond centers flanked by rubies or white or black diamonds. In keeping with the “casual luxury” of Catbird’s effortlessly cool aesthetic, the rings are “classic and simple enough that they can go with everything, but they still feel really super-special,” explained Vardi. Plus, the stones are set with a slight bezel lift, which makes these rings ideal for layering. When it comes stacking on The Swans, don’t forget to say I do.

Priced between $1,350 and $5,600, The Swans collection goes on sale today, and debuts here, exclusively on

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Scosha Serves It Up


Tali Lennox, Scosha Woolridge, Jemima Kirke, and  Chelsea Leyland

“There’s something very tender about her jewelry,” said Jemima Kirke, referring to the work of her friend of over a decade, Scosha Woolridge. “You never have to take [her pieces] off, and they look like you’ve been wearing them forever.”

The two creatives, who met years ago in Mexico (Kirke’s family was there on vacation; Woolridge was traveling the world, painting and moonlighting as a masseuse at the hotel where the Kirkes stayed), joined forces to present the Williamsburg-based designer’s latest work at Soho’s Taka Taka yesterday afternoon. The presentation was kitschily—and quite cleverly—playful: Bold gold rings, delicate thread-woven bracelets, and handcrafted, North India-inspired sterling-silver and iris-blue necklaces circled the room via the Mexican-Japanese restaurant’s sushi conveyor belt.

Scosha's new collectionThe presentation included the Australian’s first fine-jewelry collection—a diverse assortment of intricately crafted ruby-, diamond-, turquoise-, and emerald-studded 14- to 22-karat gold and platinum rings and necklaces—alongside new men’s items (lots of fuss-free, effortlessly fine woven bracelets, and anklets punctuated with silver pendants) and beach-ready Resort pieces (bright opal and diamond-speckled baubles).

Chelsea Leyland and Tali Lennox shared a booth with Woolridge and Kirke, and guests sipped red and white sangria and nibbled on cucumber, shrimp, and Oaxaca rolls as the charms made their way through the room.

“This all started when I was traveling and backpacking in India,” said Woolridge of the inspiration for the various lines. “I loved the textures and was mesmerized by this little girl—she had her ear pierced by a needle and thread. It was so sculptural. So practical. It was all very organic.”

Photos: Paola + Murray