August 22 2014

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The Kids Are All Right


As nice as it was here in New York, plenty of fashion folks with children (David Neville and Gucci Westman, Jenna Lyons, and host Mary Alice Stephenson) spent Saturday afternoon inside at Milk Gallery at a fundraiser held by Planet Awesome Kid. The Web site is one part The Sartorialist for the under-12 set and another part party planner, and the beneficiary of the event was Global Action for Children, a charity whose honorary chair is Angelina Jolie. She and Brad weren’t in attendance, but there were models (like Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, pictured) and A-listers (Brooke Shields included) for moms and dads to ogle, while the kids watched break dancing by Kid Flash and Full Circle Soul, painted alongside the world-famous graffiti artist Aero, or got spotted for a fashion campaign. No word on whether it was coincidence or kismet that a KCD employee casting tots for a Benetton ad took a break from work upstairs to check out the party. Global Action for Children’s next project will be a celebrity auction on May 7 in honor of World AIDS Orphans Day at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

Photo: Julia Chesky

J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons Talks Picks, Preps, And The Art Of Personal Connection


Since taking over as creative director, J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons has helped grow the brand into that rare creation: a multimillion-dollar mass retailer with serious fashion cred. It’s not just her staffers who follow her lead—”Jenna’s Picks” have converted legions of shoppers to her mix-and-match sensibility. We caught up with Lyons a couple times zones away from (and several thousand feet above) her New York home base during Aspen fashion week, where she was spending a few days checking out new outerwear collections and the brand’s Aspen boutique.

What’s something you’ve seen lately, outside the fashion world, that’s been inspiring?
Probably the Marina Abramovic show at MoMA. So much of the world today is getting less personalized, and I thought it was interesting that she chose actually to be physically there for the length of the show, connecting with her audience.

How important is it for a big fashion brand to have that kind of connection with consumers?
It’s a necessity right now. We’ve been talking a lot internally about how we can run a large company but find ways to form relationships with people. There isn’t much loyalty anymore, so how do you make people feel like they’re part of something? I want people to trust “Jenna’s Picks,” and I think they respond to it because they’re looking for help editing: There’s so much noise, so many things to look at now. People say, do you really pick them? Absolutely! Once in a while I’ll have a merchant come and say, can you put this on your picks? I’m like, no.

Why carry non-J.Crew brands in your stores?
It goes back to editing, and also appreciation of quality. The Red Wing boot—they do it well, they do it in America. Why try and re-create it? Some things are amazing the way they are. Alden shoes, Sperry Top-Siders. We love that you’re buying our Ludlow suit, but we want you to have the option of the best possible shoe out there. They come with tons of history and brand integrity that we might not be able to offer in shoes.

What manufacturers do you have your eye on next?
We haven’t closed the deals on some of these, but we are looking into beauty. We’ve just seen an insatiable appetite for nail polish, so we’re looking at other things we can do for women. Women want candy. Someone else said this: “Ask a woman what her favorite thing in her closet is, and she’ll pick the thing she bought yesterday; ask a man, and he’ll pick the thing he bought 40 years ago.” So for men’s, we’re looking into heritage pieces. One is an old coat factory, and one is another American classic shoemaker. What we’d really like to do, especially for women’s, is a shoe collaboration where we maybe go to someone like Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin. Gap did a great job doing that with Pierre Hardy, I thought. Women’s is just harder. Would I love to sell Chanel bags? Sure. Would they let us? No.

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J.Crew Piles On The Pretty, Borrows From The Boys


“How to keep building on the special.” That’s the challenge J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons, laid out for herself when approaching Spring 2010. That formula—separates done up in rich brocades or nubby tweeds paired with American staples like khakis and cotton tees—has proven profitable in recent years, and Lyons’ latest effort could be her strongest yet. Layered with the girly cocktail frocks and cashmere cardigans in acid-bright hues were camo cargo jackets, slim plaid shirts, and a streamlined version of the Men’s Shop’s top-selling suede desert boots. (More images after the jump.) Continue Reading “J.Crew Piles On The Pretty, Borrows From The Boys” »

Frisoni Frisson


Bruno Frisoni is in town, and there’s only one thing to do when a cobbler of his caliber lands on our side of the pond—throw the man a fabulous cocktail party followed by an intimate private dinner. That’s just what Amanda Brooks did last night, greeting shoe lovers like Dr. Lisa Airan and J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons at the label’s Madison Avenue boutique before heading down the block to La Goulue, the Upper East Side institution that’s set to close later this spring. Brooks and Frisoni go way back. “He gave me four pairs of shoes for my wedding and I was one of the many different people, I’m sure, to recommend him to Diego [Della Valle] for the Roger Vivier job,” she explained. “Bruno could design 17 different collections, that’s how talented he is.” As if to prove her point, the cash register kept ringing throughout the party (the French Riviera Spring collection just arrived), and we spied at least one editor doubling back through the Fall line, which was on preview in the store’s second-floor VIP section, to consider placing a special order for one of his felt tote bags. And Frisoni’s whirlwind New York tour continues. Tonight, he’ll be the guest of honor at another dinner, this one hosted by Vanessa von Bismarck.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Recessionista: Jenna Lyons Is Sharpie Sighted


What: An art-world version of a beloved real-world staple: the Sharpie marker re-created by brand-subverting artist Tom Sachs.

Why: Because even though it’s more than you’re used to spending on a permanent marker, it’s far less than you’d spend on art. “[It’s] the closest that most of us will get to the art world, with a practical application. And it’s cool,” says J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, who is well versed on affordable luxury.

Where: $12, .