July 23 2014

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Purely Cosmetic: Britney, Jennifer, And Scarlett Work It


Nipple tassels, bodysuits, a gilded cage…what more could you want from a Britney Spears comeback concert? Dsquared²‘s Dan and Dean were there via video, and the cheetah head they designed for last night’s opening act was—in a word—fierce. And while everyone caught on to the fact that she was lip-synching, no one really seemed to care. See, Brit? We’re all rooting for you. [The Sun]

Scarlett Johansson
, who recently went brownish-red, revealed to Hilary Alexander this week why she dropped the blond. Apparently it was raining and she was bored. Oh, yawn! We were prepared to read so much more into this. [The Telegraph]

Jennifer Aniston‘s hair, on the other hand, is the result of much careful calculation and groundwork. Turns out the blow-out she sported at London’s Marley & Me premiere cost upward of $50,000. Yes, there’s airfare included in that bill, but that still leaves $10,000 for a hairdo. Maybe if the hair was made of diamonds. [The Daily Mail]

looks like lily and elton won’t be writing that etiquette guide after all


Co-hosts Elton John and Lily Allen exchanged onstage pleasantries at last night’s GQ Men of the Year Awards, and by pleasantries we mean insults, expletives, and a cocaine-snorting challenge.

Alert the blogosphere: Lindsay Lohan has spoken. The moral arbiter of teen propriety weighed in on the Bristol Palin pregnancy on her MySpace page, neatly pulling any campaign attention back to her. Lilo for Prez.

We applaud Jennifer Aniston for forging on with work after her breakup with the Mayer, but perhaps playing a crazy stalker isn’t the best route toward romantic rehabilitation.

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images