September 1 2014

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Blasblog: Marc Jacobs On Why He Wanted Lara for LV


I remember back in 2002, when I heard that Marc Jacobs had shot Jennifer Lopez to be the face of Louis Vuitton. Uh-oh, I thought to myself, this won’t be a onetime thing. (Now that I think about it, I heard about J. Lo through an archaic grapevine: not a blog, but a good old-fashioned gossipmonger, live and in person. Another novel idea.) Sure enough, in the years that have followed, celebrities have fronted the brand time and again: Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Diane Kruger, and Christina Ricci, to name a few. Sure, there was that season when Mert & Marcus shot Naomi and Kate in some sand dunes, but those girls aren’t just models.

Well, judging from the Spring shots already in magazines and the tone of the making-of video (below), it seems it’s time for another change. This season, when the celebrity quotient couldn’t be raised higher—I mean, c’mon, how are you going to follow up back-to-back campaigns featuring Madonna?—Jacobs has returned to a face more familiar on the catwalk than the tabloids: Lara Stone. (Though with more international Vogue covers than you can shake a stick at, Stone isn’t exactly an unknown quantity.) Why the shift? For answers, I went straight to the man himself. “Lara is a modern, iconic, sexy beauty,” Marc told me, “one who the Louis Vuitton customer will, I think, relate to and want to look like. The campaign is very optimistic.” And, of course, even without a Hollywood face, there’s definitely some star power. “The accessories are the stars,” he continued. “The bags, the shoes, the jewelry, and of course the clothes are covetable, colorful, and totally luxurious.” Even after he’s rolled them around in the mud, it’s hard to disagree.

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Jennifer Lopez Hugs The Curves


It only takes a quick stroll through any fashion-forward boutique to realize that designers and retailers are still in the throes of body-con mania. What did we wear out at night before thigh-grazing hems and Lycra blends became de rigueur? You won’t find the answer on the red carpet, as starlets the world over are still flaunting the figure-hugging dresses en masse. Witness Jennifer Lopez in Spring 2010 Gucci at last night’s 2009 American Music Awards. We have to hand it to her—the singer looks great in a difficult dress—but is the look perhaps too challenging? The overly slashed frock paired with matchy-matchy platform heels is a bit much, even given the, ahem, creative dress code at music industry awards shows. What do you think? Is J. Lo’s latest offering a chart-topper or a flop?

Photo: Kevin Mazur

JPG For All, Beckham At The White House, And More…


Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer rumored to be getting the Target treatment. First Rodarte, now the French…what’s next? Maybe a diffusion line of looks from Cristobal Balenciaga’s archives. Sure to have mass appeal. [WWD]

As if the abuse he’s been getting in the blogosphere hasn’t been enough, Kanye West has now been invited to a formal roast. Whatever will they do for material? [Page Six]

You may have heard that Burberry is showing in London this season. More than once. Well, it’s a big deal, OK? So big that Christopher Bailey is documenting the whole thing on his cell phone. [The Moment]

Silence, haters. Victoria Beckham is a real designer. Jennifer Lopez is the latest very-famous-person to wear one of Posh’s dresses, and she wore it, drumroll please, to the White House. This means the likelihood of MObama wearing Beckham just got exponentially higher. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Lunch With The Andrea Lieberman Fan Club


To celebrate the launch of Andrea Lieberman’s label A.L.C., a dozen of the power stylist’s closest friends gathered for a luncheon at Barneys in Beverly Hills. “Obviously, I am her number one fan,” said longtime collaborator and client Gwen Stefani, with baby Zuma in tow. Clad in an A.L.C. jacket, Stefani added praise for Lieberman’s collection: “It’s everything that I love.” Fellow Andrea fans Ellen Pompeo, Leah Remini, Cameron Silver, and Tracee Ellis Ross joined the Barneys crowd for Champagne and a light lunch. “Her eye and interpretation of fashion is just flawless,” remarked Jennifer Lopez, wearing a white silk puff-sleeve A.L.C. dress. “When we started working together it was the whole ghetto-fabulous thing. We’ve moved into so many different looks and incarnations. She always has that modern edge.” The Spring collection, featuring zippered separates, belted cardigans, and soft jersey floor-length dresses, is full of wearable pieces that work dressed up or dressed down. “I’ve always traveled so much and never really had the appropriate thing to wear from Paris to New York to
London and L.A.,” said Lieberman, who has an eight-month-old baby. “It’s a balancing act, so I just take every day at a time. I’m a bicoastal mom and a bicoastal business.”

Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage

blasblog: jennifer lopez, fashion show pro


In the wonderful world of flashbulb-filled front rows, sometimes it’s not entirely uncommon for the start time of a show to be dependent on a VIP’s schedule (as opposed to, you know, the designer’s), or for the said VIP to be worked into a tizzy by the encroaching swarms of click clickers, and thus get to their seat late. But every once in a while, you’ll find a pro. You’ll find someone who isn’t fazed by stares or photographers, who can enter a crowded tent with grace. A pro. At Oscar de la Renta, that pro was Jennifer Lopez, who swanned in just before the show started, said some hellos, posed perfectly (smile with your eyes, jut the chin out so there are no doubles, hands away from the body so they look their thinnest) for just enough photos, and took her seat just in time to see the first look go by. “That right there is a well-oiled machine,” Rachel Zoe declared. And what did the woman formerly known as J. Lo (don’t call her that anymore, if you didn’t know better) think of the show? “I loved it. I loved it all. I can’t pick just one, ’cause I’d take ‘em all.”

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage