August 28 2014

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Blasblog: One Weekend, Two Birthdays


No one needs to be told of the weather that New York experienced this weekend: the first fully sunny, fully warm couple of days of 2009 in this busy city. But while every single tourist in town seemed to stop and admire the city on my block, the real fun happened after dark. Jessica Stam’s birthday party was Friday night at a new club—”it’s not even open yet,” she explained—on Eighth Avenue called The Gates. Joining her were a good smattering of fashion folk (current Chanel campaign girl Heidi Mount), downtown types (DJ Harley Viera Newton), and the requisite Gossip Girl shout-outs (Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr). The model, who turned 23, went all out with popcorn machines, a cotton candy stand, and a photo booth that got a little racy for some of the guests. On Saturday, the Thompson Hotels’ Jason Pomeranc hosted his own birthday party at his Thompson LES hotel; his group was similar to Stam’s but expanded into more social genres, like pop music (Jesse McCartney) and society (Byrdie Bell). Ever the businessman, Pomeranc timed his fête with the opening of Shang’s second-floor terrace. “I just did it to look popular,” the hotelier jested. “This way it looks like I have a lot of friends, but I’m sure everyone just came for the cocktails and food.” He was being modest. Several hours later, his pals Paz de la Huerta, Yigal Azrouël, and Crawford were still partying at Above Allen, the club on the hotel’s 7th floor.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


Rafael de Cardenas Won’t Reveal His Secret Wallpaper Source


You may not know the name Rafael de Cárdenas, but if you’ve visited Miami lately, chances are you’ve seen his handiwork. (Or if you’re model-obsessed and pored over the gorgeous spreads of Jessica Stam’s apartment in the October issue of Elle Decor.) De Cárdenas is the architect behind new exhibition space O.H.W.O.W. (short for Our House West of Wynwood). Conceived by Aaron Bondaroff and Miami collector Al Moran, O.H.W.O.W. put itself on the Miami Art Basel flock’s map of must-sees when it played host to It Ain’t Fair, a group show staged by Bondaroff in conjunction with Deitch Projects’ Kathy Grayson and Nicola Vassell, Javier Peres, Terence Koh, and a handful of other art world nabobs. But even Miami locals who wouldn’t know a Dearraindrop from a Dash Snow have taken note of O.H.W.O.W., thanks to the Op Art-inspired design de Cárdenas dreamed up for the venue (interior pictured here). “Cabbies have started calling it ‘The Black and White Building,’ ” de Cárdenas remarks. “It’s funny that they’ve already come up with a nickname.” Instant landmark aside, de Cárdenas made his reputation on intimate spaces—his firm, Architecture at Large, was responsible for the interior of Charlotte Ronson’s Nolita boutique and Waverly-esque West Village restaurant Charles, for example, and helmed the renovations of Jessica Stam’s Manhattan and East Hampton abodes. Here, de Cárdenas talks to about model homes (pun intended), Our House West of Wynwood, and why style is overrated when it comes to design.

How did you get involved with O.H.W.O.W.?

I grew up in New York, and Aaron Bondaroff and I have been friends for a long time. We’ve collaborated quite a bit. I designed his Wreck Center pop-up last year, for instance, so it was kind of natural that I work on O.H.W.O.W., too.

On the one hand, that seems like kind of a dream project—a huge space, an open-minded client, and a building that was, in essence, a blank slate. But on the other hand, it must be hard to know where to start on a project with so few built-in constraints. Was that a challenge?

When you’ve been designing for a while, you come to each new project with a bag of tricks. There are ideas you like, that you know tend to work for you. O.H.W.O.W. was kind of like a playground. I got to take my favorite ideas out for a run—like, the whole black and white motif, for example. I love that contrast. But in a way, my approach to design operates as its own control. I’m very invested in the way spaces are experienced. So that leads to things like the pattern on the O.H.W.O.W. floors suggesting pathways through the galleries.

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Red Alert! Awards Season Anxiety In Hollywood


When it comes to love, Jessica Stam is rumored to have Anne Hathaway syndrome. You know, when the person you fall for is actually a future felon whom you aid and abet while blinded by passion.

Natalie Portman—not exactly Hollywood’s panty-problem poster child—is not a total goody-goody, either. When it comes to celibacy, the actress, who turned down a role as a nun, just doesn’t get it. Good to know.

Awards season may be at risk again. People, can you not work these things out before red-carpet time?

Luella‘s Luella Bartley took home top honors at the British Fashion Awards.
Hilary Alexander tracks the career of the “poster girl for Chelsea style and Cornwall cool.”

Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage

blasblog from paris: jessica stam, hostess extraordinaire


If this whole supermodel thing ever gets old for Jessica Stam, she should totally think about a full-time gig as a party hostess. Last night at—where else?—Régine’s, the supermodel hosted perhaps the chicest, best-attended charitable event the seedy Paris dance club has seen in years. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came, as did Emma Watson, Leigh Lezark, Lauren Santo Domingo, Kate Bosworth, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Ryan McGinley, Caroline Sieber, and a slew of other well-turned-out fashion weekers. But here’s the kicker: Stam didn’t even bother with an invite. “And I barely told anyone about it,” the blue-eyed Canadian said. “It was all word-of-mouth.” Apparently, with a one-bottle-of-Champagne-per-guest ratio (well, McGinley had two), people’s mouths weren’t only being used for party chat. Watson and Tinsley Mortimer had a dance-off and swapped tips on dirty dancing; Alex Wang and his posse were, as he put it, “getting wild”; Ashley Olsen’s corner jam session was only interrupted once, when a security guard asked for a photo with her; and Bosworth confessed to an unhealthy love for Hernandez, and not just because he makes her pretty dresses. All of which pleased the hostess. “In my humble opinion,” she said, “this is without a doubt the most fun party of fashion week.” Perhaps the reason for the inhibition-free dancing was the evening’s charitable aspect: a portion of the revenues from the night will go to Covenent House, a New York City-based organization that gives aid to homeless children. “And oh, we didn’t allow any photographers,” Stam added, “which always makes for a wilder crowd.” Good thing I brought my own camera.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

blasblog from paris: the le baron-regine express


Before I came to Paris I was told by very reliable sources that this season’s hot spot would be Régine’s, the storied dance club that’s reached by descending two flights of mirrored staircases. Specifically, I was told it would be this season’s Le Baron, a reference to the smoky club on Avenue Marceau that was the place to be during the Fall collections. Well, I can now report that while Régine’s is officially a hot spot (I’ve been there every night, embarrassingly enough, and have witnessed everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Camilla Al Fayed to Anouck Lepère hitting the dance floor; it’s also where Mary-Kate Olsen made her first Paris fashion week appearance late Tuesday), the club has not exactly replaced Le Baron in popularity. Le Baron owner (and Beatrice Inn partner) André, who took over the lease at Régine’s a month ago, has decided to make it the official post-Baron destination. “It was the weirdest thing on Monday night: It was decided that it was time to go to Régine’s from Le Baron, and everyone just got up and walked out,” Jessica Stam remembered of the Purple magazine party at Le Baron earlier in the week. It was no casual migration: Purple magazine staffers were even shuttling taxis to make sure there were no clubbing casualties. After the Balenciaga party at Le Baron on Tuesday night, once again, all cars headed to Régine’s. “I’m surprised he didn’t get the doubledecker bus again,” Irina Lazareanu said. Well, the week isn’t over yet.

Photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images