August 28 2014

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Cardin Heads To The Stars, Luz Lights Out On His Own, And More…


Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars should be bright this year: The organization is honoring French couturier Pierre Cardin (pictured) with its Superstar Award. Cardin’s list of honorifics is plenty long already, but we’re betting he won’t mind tacking on “superstar” as well. [WWD]

And Cardin’s not the only one picking up a new title. Dries Van Noten is adding “juror” to his résumé when he chairs the judging panel at the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères, France, alongside fellow jurors Maria Cornejo and Malcolm McLaren. [WWD]

Sources are reporting that Madonna and Jesus Luz have broken up—and that it’s Jesus who did the breaking. File under: Careers, end to. [Jezebel]

It’s still too early to set the DVR, but Fashion’s Night Out may one day come to a TV screen near you. Talks are apparently under way with network brass at Bravo and CBS. We’re all for it, provided that they rein in a more fashionable host than, say, Jeff Probst. (ALT, we’re looking at you…) [Page Six]

Photo: Di Crollalanza Astrid / Sipa Press

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Are You On Team Madonna?


So much for celebs vacationing incognito. Madonna and her inner circle—including her children and her boy toy, Jesus Luz—took to the seas around Portofino today to celebrate the Material Girl’s 51st birthday. In case the paparazzi were unsure of her identity, she donned a monogrammed sports jersey and matching shorts. Even odder, this was her swimwear. Madonna’s no stranger to sartorial statements, so we’re left wondering: Is this a new trend or has Madge swapped her sense of style for oversized biceps?

Photo: INF

Celine’s Sporting Goods, Katie’s Mane, And More…


Ivana Omazic’s last splash for Celine (which Phoebe Philo is resuming control of soon) could be the chicest thing on two wheels—Bicyclette, a capsule collection of “jersey dresses [and] cotton poplin skirts” for cycling, due this spring. Because who rides a bike in shorts? [WWD]

According to overworked British photo sleuths, key elements of Madonna’s Purim costume came directly from daughter Lourdes’ closet. Jesus Luz’s Joker costume, on the other hand—all him. [The Daily Mail]

If you’re tired of only having Michelle and Carla’s name to bandy about when fashionable first ladies come up, forget not Cristina Elizabeth Fernández de Kirchner (an actual president, that one) or Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein (who happens to be one of two wives, but hey, who’s counting?). These names, and more, are sure to liven up any cocktail party debate. [The Daily Beast]

For her Tokyo debut at the Valkyrie premiere, Katie Holmes fooled no one with her overnight hair growth. Will the extensions stay, or is this some kind of Asia-only phenom? Style Filers, do you want the crop back? [The Daily Mail]

Madge And A-Rod Make News, Just Not Together


One-time Madonna flame A-Rod admits to using performance-enhancing drugs (even President Obama is disappointed), but now, he swears, he just does Kabbalah, which everyone knows is the gateway drug to Scientology. It’s a slippery slope, Alex. [New York Post]

Madonna, meanwhile, has found Jesus. Jesus Luz, that is, and by the looks of this Steven Klein spread for W, she found pretty much all of him. Speaking of Klein, is it just us, or does Señor Luz bear a passing resemblance to Madonna’s
evergreen photographer? Just saying. [Daily Mail]

Not only is Kanye West open-minded, but he’s also a fabulous dresser. And modest. [Guardian]

Designers from DVF to Chris Benz sum up their Fall collections in one word, and their answers are scintillating. Favorites include: Aberdeen (Rodarte), Crystalarium (Vena Cava), and Proustian (Anna Sui). See the rest. [The Cut]

Compare and contrast: M.I.A. (very pregnant) vs. Aggy (quite the opposite) in Henry Holland’s sheer polka-dot affair. Who wore it best, Style Filers? [Grazia Daily]

Gisele Vs. Jesus At A Less Theatrical Colcci


You can tell fashion is in serious flux when Brazilian megabrand Colcci scales back its spectacular show at São Paulo fashion week. This time around the clothes were sent down a simple white runway to a pounding, apocalyptic techno soundtrack. The designs were stripped to ladylike essentials in a neutral palette, finding form in a passage of little black dresses, tailored jackets, and lean-cut trousers. Almost missing were the skintight jeans on which the company has built its success. Except for the occasional bondage harness, the clothes could have passed as interview wear, albeit for a slightly sexy job. [Editor's note: You mean like fashion blogger?] It’s the end of the Colcci world as we know it, at least for the time being, but thankfully one thing remained the same: the deafening screams that rang out when everyone’s favorite bodacious Brasileira, Gisele Bündchen, strutted down the catwalk. This season, however, there was a sensationalistic distraction in the front row, diverting some of the media attention. It was Jesus Luz, better known as Madonna’s aptly named boy-toy. Mobbed by cameras, the 21-year-old model played the part of celebrity well. Our advice? Enjoy your 15 minutes while it lasts, Mr. Luz. Given Madge’s appetite for love, your days may well be numbered.

Photo: Agencia Fotosite