August 29 2014

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Piers Atkinson’s Tale of a Diva


Piers Atkinson Fall '14

Piers Atkinson has a flare for the dramatic, so it’s not terribly surprising that the London-based milliner likes his collections of clever bejeweled, feathered hats to tell a story. In fact, he stretches each of his plots out over three seasons because, let’s be serious, who doesn’t like a little suspense?

When we last spoke with Atkinson, he had just finished Spring ’14—i.e., chapter one of his current tale—which centered around a fabulous young birthday girl who dreamed of stardom. Now he has given us an exclusive first look at his Fall ’14 outing, and here, our little princess has grown up to become a full-blown international diva. “She’s a globe-trotting multimedia sensation who will need a hat for this, a hat for that, a hat for everything,” Atkinson told us from London. “She needs hats for all seasons because she’s jetting from Aspen to Rio de Janeiro…and it’s very much about this selfie in the red-carpet era idea, too.”

The result is a compilation of hyper-glam wares that are apropos for the step-and-repeat whatever the weather. Think wafting ostrich plumes; multicolored straw fedoras; leopard-printed everything; crystal berets; and beyond. The social media angle comes into play via toppers embellished with Swarovski crystal hashtags that read #nofilter (for the sake of irony, this one turns up on a veiled purple baseball cap), #trending, or, Atkinson’s favorite, #wokeuplikethis. The crowning jewel of the lineup, however, is a gilded leather headband garnished with two giant faux diamonds—kind of a blinged-out Minnie Mouse look, if you will. The entire Hollywood-ready outing was photographed on model Felicity Hayward, who also stars as a Marilyn Monroe-meets-Anna Nicole Smith character in Atkinson’s Fall ’14 film, which debuts below.

The new hats will be on display at Somerset House throughout London fashion week. But now that we know part two of the milliner’s narrative, we can’t help but wonder what becomes of the well-hatted pop star in the finale. “I have a vague idea,” Atkinson hinted. “I recently went to see a stage show starring Joan Collins called One Night, and it was just amazing because she did a very witty, lighthearted discussion of her career and her life. She’s a gorgeous, glamorous woman who’s really done it all,” he gushed. “So next season will be based on the ultimate diva—the woman who has all the amazing stories to tell.”

Photos: Lorenzo Dalbosco 

Trimming the Tree With Dolce & Gabbana


Stefano and Eva “Claridge’s asked us to create this year’s Christmas tree, and we were delighted because London and Claridge’s are two of our favorite places, and Christmas is such a magical time,” Stefano Gabbana told last night at the annual Christmas tree unveiling at Claridge’s, an event that, for many Londoners, marks the beginning of the festive season. “To be asked was such an honor considering the great designers who have taken part before. We just hope that we have achieved our goal of bringing a bit of Italian artigianalita [artistry] to London.”

Well, they can tick that box. The beautiful ornaments that were painstakingly hand-blown, carved, and painted in an Italian workshop included pupi (wooden puppets), toy soldiers, medieval knights, and even orange, lemon, and watermelon wedges that transported us directly to a Sicilian garden. This collaboration carries on the tradition established by Claridge’s in 2009 of inviting a fashion house to dream up a tree, with Dior and Lanvin rising to the challenge at Christmases past.

Eva Herzigova, David Gandy, Poppy Delevingne, Joan Collins, and more sampled Italian canapes out of festively wrapped gift boxes and were treated to a moving tenor performance that held the entire crowd in rapt attention. “The environment they created is so very special—the atmosphere here is absolutely rich with this infusion of Italian culture,” offered Herzigova. “I think with this, the boys have outdone even themselves, if that is possible.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Legends On The Walls And In The Halls AT LACMA


Much as you’d expect, the Vanity Fair “Portraits” exhibit at LACMA is thick with legends—Katharine Hepburn, Josephine Baker, Madonna, and Princess Di are just a few of the famous subjects lensed for the magazine, and the shots of them included in the show are among its most familiar. But the legends everyone was keeping an eye on at last night’s opening party weren’t stuck in any frames. No, that was in fact Joan Collins, younger beau in tow, working her way down the LACMA carpet, followed shortly thereafter by a shockingly petite Farrah Fawcett. These people are real? Very real, according to Mario Testino. “You know, I spend so much time retouching,” explained Testino, “I become very intimate with my subjects. I know all their flaws. I know what their toes look like. Sometimes,” he added, “when I look at my photos, I can only see the parts I retouched. It’s strange.” Naturally, Testino cited his portraits of Princess Diana as his favorite among his pieces in the exhibit, and likewise naturally, he wasn’t about to divulge any information about Di’s toes. The Office star Rainn Wilson, on the other hand, was more forthcoming. Asked if he had a favorite portrait of himself, Wilson explained that a while back, he’d done a series of photos for Entertainment Weekly where he’d dressed as various legendary television stars. Joan Collins? “No,” Wilson said. “But I did dress up as Xena, the warrior princess, with sword and breastplate and everything. And that is probably my favorite photo of myself.” But, he went on to note, there was one problem. “Now I kind of wish that whole series had been for Vanity Fair,” added Wilson. “Because that way, I’d have my freaking picture in this show!”

Photo: Charley Gallay/WireImage