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Brad Elterman, The One-Man Factory


Don’t call him a paparazzo, but photographer Brad Elterman (pictured, above) pioneered celebrity photography, capturing rare moments in the lives of music and fashion icons like David Bowie, Joan Jett, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono from a very young age. “They thought the camera was a novelty,” Elterman, now 55, tells WWD. “Today, everyone is armed with an iPhone and can beam a picture around the world, but this was an age before PR and management controlled the imagery.”

Tomorrow, Elterman (who founded one of the first L.A. photo agencies specializing in celebrity photography, California Features International Inc.) is set to debut a series of his works, some of which have never been printed, at the Kana Manglapus Projects in Venice Beach. In the exhibition, titled Factory 77, there are behind-the-scenes images of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Madonna, Cherrie Currie, Jett, and more. “Joan and I would eat huge burgers at a coffee shop called Duke’s and play softball in the Valley,” Elterman, whose first published photo was in 1974 of the legendary Bob Dylan, says. Elterman is still in the game today, shooting for publications like Purple and running his photo agency Buzz Photo, and he will soon launch a blog, under the same name as the show, with more of his archival shots. Here, a look at some of the rare images on display in the exhibition.

Photos: Brad Elterman

A Few Good Men—Besides Marc Jacobs—Try Skirts


As the costume designer of Gossip Girl, Eric Daman knows from plaid skirts. So he was an obvious choice to jazz up the proceedings at the eighth annual Dressed to Kilt party and men-in-skirts fashion show, hosted by Hollywood’s go-to Scots, Sir Sean and Lady Connery. “Oh, I did my research. I hunted around and found this great Web site,, that sells them in all sorts of fabrics,” Daman said of his classic red tartan. He was on hand to judge the charity runway show (proceeds went to various veterans’ causes through the Erskine Hospital), but with his stacks of bejeweled bangles and layers of necklaces, he showed up a few of the catwalkers. “Well, yeah, I had to put my own spin on things,” the stylist admitted with a smile. “But I would love to see Gerard Butler in a kilt.”

Daman wasn’t the only one hoping for a glimpse of The Bounty Hunter star, but it turned out Butler, who was expected to hit the catwalk, missed the event because he went a bit closer to the source—the actor was rumored to be currently in Scotland. Never mind, there was plenty of action on the runway sans Mr. 300. Kyle MacLachlan (pictured) accessorized with combat boots. Joan Jett managed to make her Scottish ensemble very Gareth Pugh by accessorizing her look with a maxi patent black leather coat and a Mohawk feathered headdress by the young milliner William Chambers. Al Roker, who told us he “wasn’t all that nervous” despite it being his first ever fashion show, ended up doing a jig down the runway. And Donald Trump, Jr., pulled off a mustard yellow and black kilt with admirable style while Trump, Sr. (who gamely stated earlier, “Sure, I would wear a kilt”) and Melania cheered him on. But it was Marcus Schenkenberg who nailed the motto of the evening. A Dressed to Kilt veteran, the male model had this bit of advice: “You just let it all hang loose.”

Photo: Lloyd Bishop

B Is For Cookie, Jason Wu Channels Jean And Jett, And More…


Band of Outsiders’ Web site has always been home to a few blogs—from one documenting the brand’s collaboration with Lego to ones keeping fans posted on ad campaigns and label goings-on—but the latest may be our favorite yet: It’s dedicated to the love of cookies. Why? “If you don’t like cookies, you might not have a soul,” reads the header. We can’t disagree, especially not when there are shots posted of handsome gentlemen like the one at left, duded out in a Band bowtie and snacking on a Band/Momofuku Milk Bar cookie. []

Jason Wu’s first sunglasses, made in collaboration with Modo, hit stores this month. The five initial styles include looks inspired by Nouvelle Vague gamine Jean Seberg, aviator Amelia Earhart, and Joan Jett. Sounds like Jason’s been keeping a close watch on the trends and flicks of the moment, huh? [FWD]

Narciso Rodriguez is opening a new store, but we’re guessing the rent is pretty affordable—this one is on eBay. The designer has created a lower-priced, eight-piece capsule collection, including dresses, tops, coats, and one denim suit. As eBay might say: Buy It Now! [WWD]

Pour a little out for the Weinstein Bros.: Disney announced the closure of Miramax, the studio they founded, today. The brothers themselves had since moved on, but over the years, Miramax produced such stylish films as Prêt-à-Porter, 54, Velvet Goldmine, and The Talented Mr. Ripley. [EW]

Juicy Couture creative directors Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor are stepping down from their roles to become creative consultants to the Liz Claiborne-owned line. But who will design the velour sweatpants now? [Fashionista]

She Loves Rock ‘N’ Roll


For this month’s beauty icon, we paid tribute to one of punk’s leading ladies: Joan Jett, the L.A. girl who could rock as hard as any of the boys—and look better than most of ‘em doing it. (We’re predicting a revival of the Jett shag when Kristen Stewart plays Joan onscreen later this year.) The photos tell part of the story, but to get it in surround sound, you need to see the lady herself in gritty, balls-to-the-wall action, as at this live performance in New Jersey, 1983 (below). “Only two words,” Jett growls at the crowd. “Oh. Yeah.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.