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Noticed: Ladies Who Love Ladies Love Carolina


President Obama recently voiced his support for them. So did Joe Biden. New York’s mayor and governor both attended them. Same-sex weddings are—dare one say it?—on track to being the events of the summer. We couldn’t help but notice that two high-profile brides selected one high-profile designer for their happy days. When New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn (the current frontrunner to be New York’s next mayor) wed longtime girlfriend Kim Catullo earlier this month at a wedding attended by New York’s political elite (including Hizzoner and Cuomo), she (pictured, left) wore a gown by Carolina Herrera. (Her wife wore a Ralph Lauren tux.) And this weekend, when Cynthia Nixon (pictured, right) married girlfriend Christine Marinoni, Nixon, too, wore a gown custom-made by Herrera. Does the designer have the lock on the lesbian market? It’s too soon to tell, but with two big gets in the month of May alone, the outlook is bright. Herrera’s last high-profile bride, on the other hand, preferred men, albeit undead ones: Bella Swan.

Photos: Gary Gershoff (Nixon); Jamie McCarthy (Quinn)