August 20 2014

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You read it right. The whole world may be going nuts for twitpics, but this fashion week, we opted for Whitpics, courtesy of Trovata designer John Whitledge. Since he took a season off from showing his collection, Whitledge had a little free time to take in the sights of New York fashion week. We sent him out, camera in hand; below is his photo diary of a week at the shows, the scenes, the parties, and the strip clubs (!) of NYFW, with a few words from the man himself on what he saw there.

“Erin Wasson was channeling a little Slash before her show.” Erin Wasson x RVCA show, ABC Carpet & Home.

“General Idea designer Bumsuk Choi faces the storm outside his showroom.” Soho.

“Kirsten Dunst was embracing a real fashion moment.” Patrik Ervell presentation, Milk Studios.

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Trovata Moves In To Apartment Number 9


For the next two months, Trovata will be the guest in residence at pint-size men’s boutique Apartment Number 9 in Beverly Hills. Along with the line’s to-be-expected menswear, last night’s cocktail party welcomed the entire women’s Spring 2009 collection as well—the first time Number 9 has stocked goods for girls. “Apartment Number 9 was one of the first stores to carry Trovata,” John Whitledge, who made the quick trip up from his Laguna Beach home base, told us. “To do the store with them is just awesome.” Owners Amy and Sarah Blessing’s ultimate plan for the 90210 space (they have two other outposts in Santa Monica and Chicago) is for it to feature a revolving roster of new designers every few months. But for now, the Trovata lifestyle is in full effect, complete with retro telephones, vintage tennis rackets, and old Life magazine covers on the walls—not to mention plenty of nautical, preppy finds on the racks. “I think this sums it up,” added Whitledge of the overall aesthetic, rolling up his cuff to reveal an embroidered quote: “Part indulgence, part sweet revenge, but a lover all the same.”


Apartment Number 9, 9877 Little Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills.

Sorry Ladies, He’s Taken


Trovata designer John Whitledge is getting married this spring, but that didn’t stop him from basking in some lady love on Tuesday night. Hosting a dinner at Delicatessen to celebrate his show, Whitledge was surrounded by fashionable femmes including Made Her Think’s Meredith Kahn and stylists/Rose designers Britt Bardo and Jewels Steger. “What can I say?” the designer joked. “The chicks dig me…” And dig his clothes: The first (favorable) reviews of Trovata’s Fall ’09 collection were trickling in as meat loaf and mac ‘n’ cheese arrived on the table, accompanied by Champagne. “I don’t want to know, I’m too nervous,” Whitledge said, waving away his publicist’s proffered BlackBerry. “It’s not so much the idea of being reviewed that makes me nervous, as it is the fact that it’s right after the show that I get my first chance to be anything other than totally nonstop working. The nerves kind of hit all at once. I get a little…” Postpartum? “Listen,” Whitledge said, laughing. “There may be a lot of women at this table, but I’m pretty sure I’m not one of them.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Trovata to Fill Conscious-Slogan Tee Vacancy


Now that the election is over, the big question is whether or not the civic-minded will have anything to wear. Did the golden era of the message tee pass into the history books the moment YES WE CAN became YES HE DID? Can a 12-point plan for healthcare reform be advocated on a piece of cotton? The situation looks dire. But fear not, kiddos. Trovata is jumping gamely into the breach. The brand was recently tapped by MTV to create the 10th Anniversary tee for its Staying Alive Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to HIV awareness and prevention. “Well, they reached out to us, and obviously we said yes,” explains designer John Whitledge of his foray into fundraising fashion. “And then the challenge was to come up with a message that worked for the MTV audience, but also translated easily.” He adds, “I mean, all the proceeds are going to a good cause, so clearly we want to sell as many T-shirts as possible.” The “Lovers Love Life” slogan tee by Trovata will be available at first as a limited-edition, sold exclusively by Urban Outfitters. To raise awareness of the awareness-raising campaign, the collaboration will be feted on November 20 at a sure to celeb-studded party in L.A. No word yet on whether the launch will be accompanied by a video—though, on second thought, thanks but no thanks.

Photo: Courtesy of Trovata

los angeles fashion week: trovata’s accidental cocktail party


“New York is about the clothes, Los Angeles is about our friends,” said Trovata’s John Whitledge last night at the L.A. hotspot the Palihouse, where the brand was celebrating its Spring ’09 collection with a troop of West Coast devotees. “It was supposed to be a sit-down dinner but we ended up inviting too many people, so we decided to serve hors d’oeuvres at the last minute.” Not that any of the guests seemed to mind. “Sit-down dinners are boring, anyway,” said Rihanna stylist Lysa Cooper. Whitledge, for his part, said he “didn’t lift a finger organizing this event. The most important thing I’ve learned over the past three years is that you’re only as good as the team you work with. And my team is incredible.”

Photo: Linlee Allen