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Beamon’s Burlesque


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but often you can judge a bash by the line at the door. At Erickson Beamon’s jewelry presentation at Milk Studios yesterday, 80 people were queued up outside the burlesque-in-Berlin-themed presentation, which drew on styles from the 1920′s and ’30s. But this was less a presentation than a party. The event was styled as a cabaret, complete with a live performance by the Citizens Band and bejeweled models sashaying across the room in drop-waist dresses. Zoë Kravitz, Penn Badgley, Lily Kwong, and Johnny Weir were a few of the many who had made it in to check out the show.

As the tempo increased, Citizens’ Sarah Sophie Flicker—dressed in a velvet corset, feather headdress, and little else—took to the stage, impressing the crowd with her acrobatic high kicks. “If there’s one person in the room that’s a bigger ham than me, it’s Sarah,” said Michelle Harper, who was decked out in one of Beamon’s most elaborate necklaces from last season. “I’m seriously in love with this piece; I want to wear it every day.” Monique Erickson, who is rarely photographed without her trademark crystal headdress, replied, “Well, I do! Honestly, I wear this thing everywhere, literally like the burger joint on the corner.” Around 10 p.m., the crowd shuttled out, bound for more performances at Milk by the likes of Lissy Trullie and Wu-Tang Clan.

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The March Of The Teutons; Fashionably…Early?; And More…


Keep an eye on the castings at Elise Øverland this season: Heidi Klum and her fellow judges from Germany’s Next Top Model (pictured) will be front-row judging their contestants, who will be among the catwalkers. Spoiler alert? [Fashionista]

Prada and Fendi have agreed to move their Milan women’s shows to an earlier date, effectively extending fashion week. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the phones at Alitalia ringing furiously as every editor races to reschedule her flight. [WWD]

Kelly Cutrone wants figure skater Johnny Weir front row at Jeremy Scott. Please, please tell us there’s an Olympic outfit by JS in this kid’s future. (It would make for an epic battle of the unitards with one of Vera Wang’s designs for Evan Lysacek.) [The Moment]

And it turns out that Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D. and Blink-182′s Travis Barker have the same “Cadillac” tattoo on their torsos. This message has been brought to you by the Council of Overly Attentive Media Consumers, and presumably lamented through the halls of the Cadillac HQ. [Racked]

Photo: Courtesy Prosieben