August 22 2014

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3 posts tagged "Jon Kortajarena"

The Revolution Will Be Madonna-ized


Madonna in costume at her 55th birthday party

She’ll always be the Material Girl, but this weekend, Madonna turned 55, celebrating with a lavish bash in Nice attended by the likes of Riccardo Tisci, model Jon Kortajarena, and photographers Mert & Marcus. The theme, according to neon on the venue’s façade was REVOLUTION; Madonna herself, a bewigged Marie Antoinette doppelganger. A good time seems to have been had by all, judging from the number of “#hungover” Instagrams that flooded the iPhones of the world the next morning, but a nagging thought occurs: Does Madonna not remember how the revolution ended for Marie Antoinette? It’s all fun and games until someone loses a head.

Photo: @Madonna

Les Classiques, C’est Chic At JPG


Maybe it’s his recent retrospective, but Jean Paul Gaultier is in a backward-looking mood. For his Fall ’11 Couture show, Gaultier stocked his cast with a few favorites from days gone by. Men and women both stalked the Couture runway (including Jon Kortajarena, the face of JPG’s new men’s fragrance, Kokorico), but it was the returning champs who had the flashbulbs flashing. French pop icon Mylène Farmer took the closing exit, nineties mainstay Erin O’Connor walked the walk, and Gaultier favorite Eve Salvail made her first catwalk appearance in 15 years, shaved head and all. “I quit in 1996 at the peak of my career because I figured if I didn’t leave, fashion might leave me first,” Salvail reported, adding that she has been working as a DJ ever since. “It’s great to be back up there, but the other girls seem so young—and you have no idea how I’m sweating in this dress!”

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Rene Role Plays


With all that exposed flesh and heaving bosom on display, it would be totally permissible to miss the shoes in Brian Atwood’s new book, Role Play Rene. Blame it on subject-slash-model Rene Russo, whose smokin’ hot (and not just for a 55-year-old) bod is more than a little distracting when it comes to the Spring ’09 Atwood footwear she wears throughout. Spanish model Jon Kortajarena adds to the already considerable eye-candy factor. Conceived by Atwood and photographer Tony Duran—who shot the steamy scenes chez Rene over the course of two days—the glossy tome was intended as more of an homage to Ms. Russo than a vehicle for accessories. To wit, rather than make the end result for sale, Atwood personally produced 1,000 copies of the book, which he’ll distribute to friends and fans. Atwood and Russo are celebrating the tome with two parties: a private dinner tomorrow in L.A. and a barn-bustin’ blowout in New York on Thursday. High heels are a no-brainer.

Photo: Tony Duran