August 30 2014

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Susan Sarandon On Little Girls Vs. Grown Men


She’s New York’s most visible Ping-Pong propagandist, but it’s Oscar week, so Susan Sarandon is spreading the word in L.A. The SPiN NYC investor was holding court at the Mondrian, where the club—which, by the way, is looking to open an L.A. branch—was hosting a party with Herbalife. “Ping-Pong has a very, very wide demographic. And it’s the only sport where little girls can beat grown men,” the actress offered. As for helping focus frazzled brains, she said, “It’s even supposedly better than crossword puzzles.”

Trendy, supposedly therapeutic—it goes without saying that the game’s got a celebrity following. Josh Brolin lurked near the tables on the Mondrian’s pool patio, while an Entourage crew scouted the setup space for a future episode. Later on, Jamie Foxx came by to show off some of the skills that have made him the rumored king of Ping-Pong’s big-name enthusiasts—a crowd that also includes George Clooney, Sean Penn, and Ed Norton.

The game has a foothold here—less clear is whether Tinseltown is ready for the harsh realities of competitive Ping-Pong. As Sarandon pointed out, “It’s not like basketball or football, where you know immediately that you suck. You really can delusionally think that you’re pretty good—and then suddenly, you get killed.”

Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraks Photo