August 22 2014

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Gryphon’s Aldridge Trench Celebrates Post-Apocalypse Now


“This is actually the first time I’ve heard either of their voices,” Gryphon‘s Aimee Cho admitted on a three-way call with, Sea of Shoes‘ Jane Aldridge, and Atlantis Home‘s Judy Aldridge. Despite having worked on a hotly anticipated collaborative trenchcoat, the Aldridge trench—which Cho designed with the mother-daughter blogging duo—she and the Aldridges have never met in person. We brought them together for an exclusive chat about the much-buzzed-about coat (set to hit stores in two weeks).

How did you guys first connect?
Cho: A very good friend of mine [Duskin designer Stephanie Tran] first told me about Jane and Judy’s blogs. Judy had posted a write-up of Duskin, and so that’s what got me there. I think what’s fun about their blogs is that while they both clearly are serious in their love of style and fashion, they don’t take it too seriously. They have a sense of humor about it.

What was inspiration for the design?
Jane Aldridge: My mom and I had sort of been feeling this new punk vibe, and when we were in Tokyo last summer, that was really the only place we saw it. They were wearing these post-apocalyptic designs that we were really into.
Judy Aldridge: We were actually quite lonely during that time and it magnified that apocalyptic feeling. It was a jacket you need to survive; we felt like we could wear that to survive and that was all we’d need.

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