August 29 2014

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Hollywood’s Most Powerful Stylists Revealed


The results are in. Today, The Hollywood Reporter released its third annual list of Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists. The winners include big names we’ve been hearing a lot about of late—Kate Young, who’s been whipping up a buzz with her new Target collection (and who styles Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, and Natalie Portman), came in at number four. Elizabeth Stewart, who chronicled her experience styling Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, Julia Roberts, and Cody Horn for the Golden Globes for, came in at number five. And Rachel Zoe, who styled Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence in their much-talked-about Oscar gowns, slid in at number three. Petra Flannery, who styles Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, and Megan Fox, was this year’s runner-up. And the big winner is (drumroll, please) Leslie Fremar, who styles discerning stars like Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Connelly. A surprise on the list was designer (and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend) L’Wren Scott, who came in at number sixteen for dressing Nicole Kidman.

Photo: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Red-Carpet Ready: Elizabeth Stewart’s Golden Globes Diary


In the days leading up to the Golden Globes, L.A.-based celebrity superstylist Elizabeth Stewart is giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes account of what it takes to dress Hollywood’s hottest starlets. This season, she’s working with Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, Les Misérables star Amanda Seyfried, Julia Roberts (who’s presenting), and Cody Horn on their red-carpet looks. Below, Stewart gives us a glimpse at the last leg of her styling process, and, of course, shows us the actresses’ final looks.

Friday, January 11

I start the day with Cody Horn so we can find her Globes dress. As usual with Cody, it’s the first one we try on. We try some more for good measure (here she tries a Ralph Lauren classic black gown with a vintage YSL necklace). There is Ana sewing in the background!

Then I meet Freida Pinto at the Roger Vivier suite to do a quick fitting and pull some shoes and bags. Freida loves color and is always telling me about great Indian designers. Here, we’re having a laughing fit with Anne Crawford from Vivier (we all get punchy this time of year) and selecting bags with Denise Kim from Vivier. We grab lunch while we are there. The PRs have come to realize that if they don’t feed us stylists, we don’t have time to eat!

Next, I meet a designer downstairs who has flown in with Oscar sketches. Then I head home to meet Kristin Davis, dropping off some shoes to Salma Hayek for her Globes dress on the way. When Kristin Davis comes by, we sit on the floor and gab while choosing bags. I’ve styled her for 12 years, people! That’s a lot of history. I love how she is intently studying this Vivier bag. That’s the one! Youssef Marquis from Givenchy happened to come by at the same time. Those are his feet.

Saturday, January 12

D-day: the day before the Globes! It starts off with some serious multitasking. Here I am making pancakes for my son, Ben, and his friend Diego, while simultaneously communicating with Jessica Chastain, who is packing in NY, and texting with the moms at my daughter Ivy’s volleyball tournament, which I am missing. They are winning at least!

First stop of the day is Amanda Seyfried’s. Youssef from Givenchy has flown in her Globes dress and his tailor Ana (my tailor is also named Ana!). We fit the dress, try Fred Leighton jewelry that Katie pulled while we were in NY, and Youssef shows off the shirt Riccardo Tisci made for him. It has Youssef’s puppy on it! We also squeeze in a quick SAG fitting and look at sketches. Continue Reading “Red-Carpet Ready: Elizabeth Stewart’s Golden Globes Diary” »

Red Carpet Ready: Elizabeth Stewart’s Golden Globes Diary


In the days leading up to January 13′s Golden Globes, L.A.-based celebrity superstylist Elizabeth Stewart is giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes account of what it takes to dress Hollywood’s hottest starlets. This season, she’s working with best actress nominee Jessica Chastain, Les Misérables star Amanda Seyfried, Julia Roberts (who’s presenting), and Cody Horn on their red-carpet looks. Below, Stewart gives us a glimpse into the first few days of the process.

Thursday, January 3

On Thursday, I flew to New York for a day to fit Jessica Chastain for awards shows. I like to do one big fitting at the beginning of the season to get a plan in place. Which, of course, changes a million times, but at least there’s a plan!

Jessica’s schedule is so busy, but when I see her, we get a lot done. This time around, we received several awards-show options, met with a designer to look at sketches, and chose dresses for a few other upcoming events. We found her a dress for her Mama premiere (left), which was a few days later. We also found a Harry Winston collar for Jessica to wear with the dress, and it was brought by a guard! I headed straight to the airport after the fitting.
Tuesday, January 8

This is me and my bestie, Matthias Vriens-McGrath (above). We’re on a fashion editorial shoot that has nothing to do with awards-show season, but it illustrates perfectly how crazy this time of year is for me. My regular schedule stays the same, with awards-season craziness added in!

Wednesday, January 9

Today, I ran around pulling while waiting for Amanda Seyfried’s plane to land. Here is Carlos Souza from Valentino (above) showing me some dresses for Julia Roberts, who is presenting at the Globes. Afterwards, I ran to the fitting.

Here, I’m showing Amanda (above) sketches designers made for her on my laptop.

Still Wednesday! I could send you hundreds of pics of accessories, but this is the real nitty-gritty—my assistant Katie is holding a box of candy that Amanda grabbed as sustenance for our fitting!

And the boxes…my studio is my converted garage, but the boxes the dresses arrive in (from around the world!) spill out all over the house. By now, it’s 8:30 p.m., but we are still not done. I have to prep for fittings with Brit Marling (for Sundance) and Cody Horn (for Globes parties) tomorrow morning, before running off to help Amanda and Jessica get ready for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Photos: Jessica Chastain—Rob Kim/ Getty Images; Diary Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Stewart

Design, Tailor, Walk


It’s anyone’s guess whether Ozwald Boateng knew, when he booked the Odeon in Leicester Square for his London fashion week-closing 25th anniversary show and film extravaganza, that he’d be facing off with Julia Roberts. The London premiere of Eat, Pray, Love took place at the same time and at the same theater.

It was hard to say whether the celebs wandering around the square were there for Ozwald or Julia. In the tailor’s corner were 1,600 of us, celebrating the man who began as a journeyman 25 years ago and broke through barriers to become one of the world’s most respected outfitters (no small feat in the olden days, when race was a hotter issue than it is today). He now suits up Brad Pitt, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jamie Foxx, Jude Law, and Bryan Ferry, among others. In the film A Man’s Story, which screened after the catwalk show, a number of famous friends—Will Smith, Spike Lee, Paul Bettany, and Laurence Fishburne among them—sang his praises. So did billionaire Richard Branson: “If someone can get me into a suit, it must mean he is really good.”

Twenty-five years is long enough to see a new generation come in, and fittingly, Boateng called upon some of the new class to walk his show: Sam Branson (son of Richard) and Tyler Wood (son of Ronnie and Jo) hit the runway, with their proud parents beaming from the front row. Joining them there were Piers Morgan, heavyweight world champion David Haye, Nick Rhodes, and Michelle Williams—it seemed the only one missing, in fact, was Julia, though you could say she made her presence felt in the deafening roar that fell over the show when she hit the red carpet next door. It may have been a theater, but it was Boateng’s latest scent wafting in the air, rather than popcorn, and half bottles of Moët in the cupholders, rather than pop. And when the whole thing was done, the models formed a procession and walked back to the designer’s Savile Row HQ, with a few overeager fans joining in the fray.

Photo: Courtesy of Ozwald Boateng

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Julia Roberts In Dolce & Gabbana


At last night’s London premiere of Duplicity (which is either a rom-com or a heist flick; not sure), Julia Roberts returned to the red carpet—after what seems like a multi-year hiatus—in head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana. Dolce! Sexy! Except we’re feeling kind of meh—or, rather, eh—about this ensemble. Where’s the drama? Where’s the skin? How about a little leg, Julia? Is a shoulder too much to ask for? While we like the idea of a woman in a suit in front of the flashbulbs—Angelina Jolie in a razor-sharp white tux (also by Dolce & Gabbana) at the Oscars still comes to mind even though she rocked that, gulp, eight years ago—Roberts is not working this look as much as she could be. The fit is a little off, her hair is a little indifferent, the blouse sleeves are a little too long…in short, we’re a little unimpressed. Tell us we’re wrong, Style Filers. Are our pleas for flesh suggestive of a depraved era in celebrityhood? This is America’s Sweetheart, after all, so the rules of de rigueur red-carpet dressing may not apply. What do you think?

Photo: Jon Furniss / WireImage