September 1 2014

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It’s a Jungle Out There


Maiko Kyouka in Kyoto, JapanReaders of are well acquainted with the name Darrell Hartman. He began covering the New York party scene soon after moving to the city in 2005. Despite the late nights and early mornings—Hartman has never missed a deadline—he’s been reporting about travel for other pubs all along. Earlier this year, with his film-producer brother Oliver, he launched Jungles in Paris, a travel Web site that is a contemporary answer, of sorts, to National Geographic, with top-notch photography, short films, and Hartman’s own thoughtful writing. Tomorrow night, they’re hosting a salon at Hecho en Dumbo on the Lower East Side, where, in addition to tequila, they’ll be serving up a photo and film presentation. Here, Darrell talks about his new project and gives an exclusive preview of the site’s latest story on Kyoto’s geisha culture.

I love the name Jungles in Paris; where does it come from?
It’s a reference to Henri Rousseau, who was an early-twentieth-century painter in Paris. He was a guy who did these fabulous jungle scenes, and yet he never left France. He was a total outlier that the surrealists later got into because he was such an oddball. We liked the idea of bringing the wide, exotic world to you in a salon-type environment.

And what was the genesis of the site?
My brother, Oliver, has a video production company, and I’ve done travel writing for years. He wanted a platform, something to own, and I did, too. We wanted to create a forum for stories about travel that isn’t too tied to the news cycle, that’s about timeless things, special things that we uncover around the world. Last fall, we decided it was something we wanted to launch and started reaching out to friends of friends—photogs and filmmakers. It was a gradual process, and we launched in May.

What makes a story a Jungles in Paris story?The main thing for us is that it be tied to a place. It comes down to geography in a big way. Also, we’re always looking for something that’s surprising, that’s a discovery. Something that hasn’t generated headlines or appeared in a fashion magazine. Also, it’s told in a way that’s compelling visually. We’re in a time when there’s a lot of video content out there that’s shot on the fly, and we’re going in the opposite direction. We want things to be carefully done, with old-school documentary values. I’m writing all the copy at the moment, and I’m spending more time in the New York Public Library than I have since I moved here in 2005. There’s a meticulous approach to telling these stories. Continue Reading “It’s a Jungle Out There” »