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EXCLUSIVE: A First Look at Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Teaser

The wait is almost over. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. Paris time, Nicolas Ghesquière will unveil his debut collection for Louis Vuitton, the most anticipated show of this, or perhaps any, season. Despite the speculation that has swirled around town all week, the house has managed to keep a tight lid on what to expect. Here then, direct from Louis Vuitton headquarters on the rue du Pont Neuf, is your first hint of the shape of things to come. The enigmatic image of the model Rianne, shot by Juergen Teller and poised somewhere on the knife edge of innocence and chic, probably raises more questions than it answers, but let the guessing begin. And be sure to tune in tomorrow at 10 a.m. CET (4 a.m. EST) for our full coverage of the show, including more exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs by Teller.

Photo: Juergen Teller, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton 

’Tis the Season…


Gift image

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be giving (and, of course, requesting) this holiday season. If you need some inspiration, take a peek at our holiday shopping guide, which is packed with goodies for everyone from your rocker pals to sporty snow bunnies to uptown gals (and don’t miss our corresponding grungy tale of holiday thievery). Need a few more suggestions? Over the next few days, we’ll be divulging what our editors are planning to gift, and hoping to get. Have a look at our latest picks, below. To see all of our editors’ picks, click here.

Matthew Schneier

To Get: Silver gets more media mentions—”Silver Bells,” etc.—but for me, gold is the color of the holiday season. The entire office has joined as one to make fun of me for loving these tinsel-covered Jeremy Scott for Adidas trainers, but damn it, I do: They’re hilarious, they’re magical, and if anyone else has so completely distilled the joy of the season into a gum-soled sneaker, I haven’t seen it. Practicality has no place at Christmas, anyhow.

To Give: My colleague Maya Singer may disagree, but to stay on the gilded theme, I’m giving Donna Tartt’s massive new novel, The Goldfinch. It’s a book I have awaited for years—at least since 2005, when she released her last one—and then devoured, on delivery, in what can only be described as a single gulp. It’s long, but Tartt is such an incredibly propulsive writer that I barely looked up from the page until I had finished it. What’s more, the story revolves around a young boy, Theo Decker, and the semi-accidental theft of a seventeenth-century masterpiece of Dutch painting, Carel Fabritius’ The Goldfinch—which, as luck would have it, is making a rare appearance at The Frick Collection in New York through January 19. Read the book, go see the bird. Celebrity sightings have rarely been so easy, or so elevating.

Maya Singer

To Get: You can never have too many books, right? Tell that to my reading list, which is overlong as it is. Anybody who gives me a copy of The Goldfinch for Christmas is getting a punch in the face; my brain is full. Hot tip: Find me a copy of Juergen Teller’s Go-Sees instead. Or, if that’s too dear, I guess Teller’s new book, Woo! will more than do.

To Give: J.M. Generals is the newly launched brand from Jeffrey Monteiro, the former creative director at Bill Blass (and, I’ll happily admit, a dear friend). Many of his products are derived from cashmere goats raised upstate—there’s a gorgeous (and pricey) cashmere blanket I’m dying to own, and then there are Jeffrey’s scented or unscented goat’s milk soaps, which I’m going to be gifting everyone with this year.

Kristin Anderson

To Get: Aesa makes some of my favorite jewelry, and I’ve been quietly eyeing this chic hairpin for months. A piece for those of us who don’t have time to trawl the souks but still want to look like we do.

To Give: As an avid Beaton fan, I have a hard time imagining how anyone could not want to find a titanic, canary-yellow volume of James Danziger’s Cecil Beaton: The Art of the Scrapbook under her tree.


To Get: These sparkly Erica Weiner studs are at the top of my wish list.

To Give: Metallic gold, python, and a d’Orsay heel— these Loeffler Randall sandals may just be the perfect gift for my stylish twin sister.

Photos: Mesdemoiselles (illustration); Courtesy Photos

i-D Ups Its Online Game



Last week, i-D rolled out its eye-popping new Web site, Having launched with a collaborative M.I.A. x Kenzo music video, the iconic magazine’s new online home will offer full-bleed imagery, quirky videos starring personalities such as Rick Owens, Lily McMenamy, Sky Ferreira, and more, and, soon, an interactive social-media component. The Web venture, which was feted at a veritable runway rave in New York last night, is a decidedly high-tech move for the publication, which, founded by Terry Jones in 1980, earned cult status because of its gritty fanzine approach to documenting London’s creative culture. Of course, it also helped that, early in their careers, photographers such as Nick Knight, Mario Testino, and Juergen Teller shot for the publication, and Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and even Madonna winked for its covers in their youth.

The site is thanks in part to Vice—the forward-thinking, in-your-face, Brooklyn-based media company that acquired i-D last December. “Vice’s whole push was to take i-D into the digital realm, which it wasn’t. We had a Web site, but it’s nothing like what we have now,” offered i-D editor Holly Shackleton. “Vice has been incredibly respectful. They haven’t been involved in our editorial choices,” she added. “They’ve just given us the digital know-how and business sense to start something new and launch the site.” More developments are on the horizon. i-D will soon open an office here in New York, and Jones, who’s been with the publication for the past thirty-three years, will take a notable step back. “He’ll always be on the masthead as founder,” offered Shackleton, stressing that while he’ll still be somewhat involved, he’s looking to spend more time with his family.

The Web site’s launch party in West Chelsea was a fitting display of fresh, edgy clothes and pioneering technology. In partnership with Samsung, the magazine flew over three of London’s hottest new talents—Ryan LO, Claire Barrow, and Ashley Williams (all Fashion East alums)—and had them present their collections in a holographic show. It was one-part IRL models (including Hanne Gaby Odiele), one-part virtual projections. Audience members (M.I.A. among them) could hardly tell who was real and who was simulated as the catwalkers danced amid computer-generated acid rain and floating gemstones. The crowd bounced and, at some points, fist-pumped to the EDM runway tunes. And even though partygoers were sipping champagne, the event exuded the underground cool that made i-D a force in the first place. “i-D has always been a global fashion community, and we hope the new site will encourage that,” said Shackleton. “We wanted to introduce these young British talents to a New York audience. They’re all future stars, without a doubt.”

Take a look at i-D‘s new online digs at

Photo: Laura June Kirsch