September 3 2014

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super size me: dylan’s candy bar gets bigger


Last night, Manhattan’s social set was on a sugar high. Blame Dylan Lauren: the fashion heiress was throwing a party to celebrate the expansion of Dylan’s Candy Bar, now the world’s largest sweet shop at 15,000 square feet. Ivanka Trump, Karen Duffy, and Tyson Beckford dropped by to indulge their sweet tooth, while Rachel Roy and Woody Allen treated their respective little ones to chocolate fondue. “A bunch of celebrities thought it was for kids,” Lauren noted. Which was fine by her, as long as they stayed away from the candy cocktails.

White chocolate skulls and plush teddy bears with jack-o’-lantern caps were among the holiday specials, but Lauren insisted the store’s reopening just before Halloween was incidental: “Candy is every day for us,” she said. Lauren Bush, though, recalled getting a bit greedy during trick-or-treat season growing up in Houston: “It was all about the bite-size Snickers.” Gummy bears, not so much. “I don’t like their gumminess,” she said. “I love Milk Duds,” Jason Biggs offered. “But they give me a toothache, a headache, and jaw ache. I don’t know why I continue to eat them.” Candy habits die hard, it seems. Just ask Andrew Lauren, who was rubbing his tummy as he prepared to head out. What was up? “I just had an overdose of cotton candy,” he said.




Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage