April 21 2014

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SHOW-ing Off In London


Tired of hearing the two words “concept store”? Well, you may just be re-energized by the latest installment of such from London. “Up until now, so many fantastic props from fashion shoots, shows, and ad campaigns wound up in storage, back to the taxidermist, or even chucked,” said photographer Nick Knight at today’s viewing of his new shop on Bruton Place—the retail expansion of his Web site SHOWstudio. “These are real pieces of art, so why not treat them as such?” There it is: the “concept” of the new shop, which happens to be strategically placed nearby the city’s Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and Rick Owens boutiques. Quite a departure for Knight. “It’s a career move I never counted on—it wasn’t in the plan,” he added. But then, who plans on selling seven-foot stuffed tigers (from an Alexander McQueen for Puma ad) or gigantic eyeballs (from a Karen Elson portfolio)? Among the other goodies are a skull-slashed Union Jack, whipped up by Galliano for a portrait of himself by Knight, and a lion’s head that was made for a Dior show in Versailles—an indication that this ain’t no flea market. The tiger goes for £50,000 (approximately $82,000) and the Galliano Union Jack is £25,000, while the eyeballs are a snip at around £3,000. “It’s not like buying an It bag, to be sure,” said Knight. “But then how often do you get the chance to buy not just art but real fashion history?”

Photo: Courtesy of SHOWstudio

Meg White Ties The Knot, And More…


Meg White became Karen Elson’s new sister-in-law and Patti Smith’s new daughter-in-law at a double wedding in Jack White’s backyard in Nashville on Friday. Jack’s relation to the bride is still unclear. [HuffPo]

Roberto Cavalli is having second thoughts about selling a portion of his company and is planning instead on lowering prices and handing out Just Cavalli “gadgets” to girls outside discothèques. Ooh, like a leopard-print walkie-talkie? [WWD]

Affected by the credit crunch, rappers are turning to cubic zirconium to amp up their bling. As one downsizing lyricist put it, “You can’t be doing it like we did it no more.” Indeed. [WSJ]

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

Freida’s Next Role, Versace’s Home Goods, And More…


Could Freida Pinto be the next Bond girl? If you believe British tabloids, then yes. [The Sun]

Gianni Versace‘s Lake Como relics are up for auction in London next Wednesday, and quite frankly, the stuff’s a steal. The pair of life-size nude wrestlers that used to watch over Versace’s Villa Fontanelle bedroom is only $55,000, which, considering you get two of them, is quite the bargain. [WWD]

Alison Mosshart fronts Jack White’s new band (he’s on drums), which means Karen Elson, Jamie Hince, and Kate Moss are all potential groupies. [Vulture]

American Apparel goes a little bit Brit. The L.A. label needed to come up with $51 million, stat, and London’s Lion Capital stepped in last night to help. Does this mean trenchcoats and tweeds to pair with our gold lamé hot pants? [WWD]

Lean times = fuller figures? “When the economy is tanking, what will emerge is an ideal of a fuller, plumper woman,” says some kind of doctor. Yes, Beth Ditto’s photo appears in this article. [The Daily Beast]

Photo: Ron Sachs / CNP / Corbis

wren in living color


Wren designer Melissa Coker pulled together a pretty impressive team for her Spring ’09 video installation Another 3 Women. Screened at the Wren presentation in midtown last night, the video, directed by Alia Raza, is a mash-up of scenes from Robert Altman’s 3 Women and the Woody Allen film Another Woman, and it stars returning Wren collaborator Sarah Sophie Flicker, Flicker’s bestest bud Karen Elson, and (for truly international appeal) Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. How did Coker lock up all that talent? “Well, Alia and I are old friends, and we’ve always wanted to work together,” she explained, “and Sarah Sophie brought on Karen, and then Julia we wanted because she seemed like an unexpected third girl. And they all look pretty cute together.” Cute—and colofully clad in Wren’s eye-popping Spring ’09 palette. “Last season our video was black-and-white,” Coker noted, “and this season we decided, yeah, color. I figure, next season if I do a movie, I’ll have to go 3-D.”

Photo: Courtesy of Wren

alia raza films wren’s lookbook


In the old days, designers would spiral-bind a few photos together and call it a lookbook. Such simplicity, while touching, just doesn’t cut it anymore. On the rise: the short film-cum-lookbook, a trend that Melissa Coker of Wren is working for Spring ’09. The L.A.-based designed asked her filmmaker friend Alia Raza to collaborate with her on a short that will debut next Thursday (having worked on similar projects with the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Kim Gordon, and Devendra Banhart in the past, this isn’t new turf for the filmmaker). The film’s called “Another 3 Women” and stars Karen Elson, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Sarah Sophie Flicker. Raza combined the dialogue from Robert Altman’s film “3 Women” and Woody Allen’s “Another Woman.” “It’s less about the literalness of what is occurring on screen and more about what remains in our minds and influences us after we’ve seen a film or a work of art,” she explained from her set at the recently opened Gild Hall in the financial district, Jason Pomeranc’s newest Thompson Hotel property. “I like the idea of contemporary performers re-enacting lines combined from past films in order to create new scenes and new situations. Like my previous video series, ‘Hypnotic Cascade,’ it aims to make vague the boundaries between the worlds of contemporary art, cinema, and fashion.” One boundary this international threesome was debating was the art of accents; Flicker is a local, but Restoin-Roitfeld is French, and Elson is a Brit living in the American South. “Cate Blanchett—now she can do any accent,” Elson said from her perch in Gild Hall’s penthouse suite (think English country club, with leather chairs, old books, and Scottish tartans). “But you’d think I’d be better at a Southern accent. I live with two kids in Nashville, for heaven’s sake.”