August 21 2014

styledotcom Tisci's not the only one to celebrate in Ibiza:

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Blasblog: From Fashion Week To Food Weekend


Full disclosure: I like to eat almost as much as I like to judge what people are wearing. (Almost.) So when an invite came my way to a dinner that Veuve Clicquot (wait, I feel like I should add here that I like drinking Champagne while eating and judging) was hosting for the French food fair Le Fooding, I thought it would be a nice change of pace from my trudge through two fashion weeks so far. The event this weekend at P.S.1 in Long Island City is the culinary organization’s first time stateside. (Their press materials flatter our fair city’s gourmet chops, stating, “The reality of the ingredients comes first. The greatest chefs happily rustle up a simple sausage.”

Interestingly enough, last night my table was a mix of fashion-world foodies. Waris promised me he was very important in the European culinary world. I thought he was kidding till the president of Veuve asked him to make a speech. (Though he lost some credibility and class points when he tried to start a food fight.) Meanwhile, Katie Lee helped me by pointing out who everyone was. Apparently seeing Daniel Boulud is a big deal. (“It’d be like having Karl Lagerfeld at one of your parties,” she explained.) Vena Cava’s Sophie Buhai provided the most surprising culinary tidbit. Turns out the designer, who was there with Maroon 5′s James Valentine, is proud member of the Bacon of the Month Club. Membership gets you a new regional pork product delivered 12 times a year. Le Fooding-New York will be held tonight and tomorrow at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center from 6 to 10 p.m. Tickets are $25. For more information on the festivities of food and love, go to

The Piano Man Moves On, Victoria Downsizes, And More…


Billy Joel and his child bride, err, third wife, Katie Lee Joel, are getting a divorce, and yes, all the Movin’ Out jokes have already been made. More surprising? Yigal Azrouël’s reported role in the breakup. Not agreeing, just reporting. [Page Six]

Hollywood is looking for a new bride of Frankenstein, and they’d like her to be hot. So far, Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway have been short-listed; personally, we think Megan Fox is a shoe-in. Who do you think should play the new bridezilla? [Page Six]

It looks like we’ll be seeing a little bit less of Victoria Beckham these days. Two and a half cups less, specifically. [Daily Mail]

Serial separator Sean Penn has been linked to Lindsay Lohan, but sources blame Natalie Portman for the actor’s erratic marital behavior and his decision to drop out of two movies. Scandalous! And doubtful. [Page Six]

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

Blasblog From Montauk: 80 Years Of The Yacht Club


Six hours. One-quarter of one day. That’s how long it took me to get to Montauk after cleverly leaving the city at midday on Friday. I headed out there for the Montauk Yacht Club’s 80th anniversary, and after spending the entire day’s sunny hours behind the wheel I was expecting something special. Good thing, then, that the full-service resort and spa, which just underwent a major renovation, had planned a weekend that included two of my favorite things in the world: a costume party and a burger bash. The former took place on Saturday night, when the resort’s new owner, Andrew Farkas, threw himself—and, presumably, the club itself—a Roaring Twenties-themed birthday party for friends like Andrew Cuomo, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Jeff Zucker, and a few of the ladies from The Real Housewives of New York City (whom I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit I know). Cigarette girls and lots of cocktail dresses with dropped waists complemented the theme, as did the just-for-fun gambling that took place after dinner. Sure, playing for “Montauk Money” wasn’t as cool as the real stuff, but it was a glimpse into the property’s former life as an undercover casino and Prohibition-era speakeasy. As for that red meat, earlier that afternoon Katie Lee Joel was serving up her Logan County Burgers, the recipe of which can found in the cookbooks she was also signing. “They’re not staying out here for long,” Billy’s better half said, and indeed she did run out of the delicious patties. “I’m going to take that as a good sign,” she said. (It was good for those of us eating as well. Three really should be my limit.) How was Farkas enjoying his birthday weekend? “It’s nice to think back and remember what this part of the country used to be like,” he said. And he had a point: The games available that afternoon didn’t require batteries or hook-ups to big-screen TVs. We’re talking croquet, washers, and potato sack races.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

Keep Tweeting, Met Invitees


We’ll be live-blogging from our desks as the red-carpet pictures roll in, but in the meantime here’s the 411 from our favorite Twitterers.

Edgy Austrian Iris Strubegger will be making her Costume Institute debut, looking suitably glam in Givenchy couture.

One leggy campaign star we won’t be seeing on the Met red carpet tonight? Heidi Mount, who’s cruising the open road in her home state of Utah.

Katie Lee Joel, for her part, sounds more excited about her post-Met meal than the party itself. We understand she’ll be hitting the red carpet in J. Mendel.

Photo: Monica Feudi & Gianni Pucci

Blasblog From Miami: Katie Lee Joel Comforts With Tater Tots


Colette’s Sarah Lerfel described Friday’s art fair scene best: “I didn’t know if I was meant to feel old or young. Let’s just say I was very, very crowded.” That’s because on the last day of Art Basel, it seemed that every senior citizen in Miami had decided to come check out the wares. And it was the same day that the elementary schools had brought their students, too. (That’s a good idea, if you ask me. Let’s start them young. Hopefully this whole recession business won’t last till they’re adults.) That arty mayhem was why on Saturday I was very happy to accept an invitation from Katie Lee Joel for a hot dog and champagne BBQ at her pad on La Gorce Island, where both Ricky Martin and Matt Damon also keep Miami manses. “My culinary career might be over,” said the chef, who has a new book out on easy fixin’s called The Comfort Table. “I just bought tater tots.” Hey, they might not be foie gras, but fried potatoes in any form—there were also french fries on hand—and an afternoon spent by a private pool was very welcomed at the end of few days full of canapés and lobby scenes. “I’m glad to bring the tot back,” Joel told me. “But really, did they ever go away?” Not by my count.