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Resurrection’s Mugler Moment



On Thursday, November 7, famed vintage boutique Resurrection will unveil its first Thierry Mugler capsule in New York City and online. The offering includes pieces from the designer’s eighties and nineties oeuvre. The angle? No “crazy shoulders.” “I love his big power suits and the exaggerated lines,” Resurrection’s co-owner, Katy Rodriguez, told “But this lineup showcases very wearable and modern pieces while still illustrating his signatures.” What she means is: Fans of Mugler’s curved seams and distinct surrealist details won’t be lost for want, thanks, for example, to a tobacco-color leather bomber with sculptural metal cinches at the waist, or an amoeba-shaped mesh inlay along a top, or a black velvet jacket with neon wiring spelling out the designer’s name. It’s all very Thierry, but it’s all very functional.

“The velvet jacket is a little hard for me to let go of,” said Rodriguez. “Years and years ago, a woman walked in and said she had been a model for Mugler—she’d worn it in the show, and he gave it to her afterward. You won’t ever see it again.” Yet Rodriguez also cautions that, at Resurrection, aesthetic trumps provenance. “We’re huge fashion nerds. We buy things based foremost on the quality of the design. Not the name of who owned it.” With that in mind, expect Resurrection to throw it back this Thursday to Mugler’s glory days—with, of course, a 2013 sensibility. Above, check out a selection from the collection, exclusively on

Resurrection’s Thierry Mugler capsule will be available beginning November 7 at Resurrection in New York City and online at

Photo: Courtesy of Resurrection

Punk Resurrected, Again


Between the Met’s upcoming Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition and the rebellion-infused Fall ’13 runways, it’s no secret that punk is having a major moment. Resurrection New York—the Nolita vintage store known for its highly edited collection of sixties Pucci and seventies Halston—decided to celebrate the revival with What Are You Looking At, an in-store installation featuring pieces from Resurrection’s enviable archive. “The Met has their way—they feature certain things and have a lot of the high-fashion derivatives of punk rock and fashion—but we have our own approach [to punk] that’s really special,” explained Resurrection archivist and manager Maria Ayala. “We thought, This is all happening. Let’s show people where this actually came from.”

The pieces on view range from iconic King’s Road staples (polka-dot mini-crinis, Seditionaries’ Sid Vicious Chaos tees) to rare personal items like a pair of shredded bondage pants that Gaye Advert gave owner Katy Rodriguez in London. A selection of wares are for purchase—a pastel camo Stephen Sprouse blazer, for example—while others, like a Westwood x Keith Haring knit skirt and some original, and very ribald, Boy London T-shirts, are for ogling only. “We actually have a top like that, as well,” commented Ayala in reference to the Haring skirt. “But today, M.I.A. came in and rented it because she’s doing promo pictures for her album. Maybe we’ll see it on her album cover, maybe not. But that’s pretty exciting.”

What Are You Looking At is on view through May 8 at Resurrection New York, 217 Mott Street, New York, NY; (212) 625-1374.

Photo: Courtesy of Resurrection

Thierry Mugler Says “No Sparkles”


Cross-dressing chanteuse Joey Arias has been a fixture on New York’s performance art scene since the late 1970′s, but he doesn’t look a day past fabulous. In his latest dramatic offering, Arias With a Twist, which opened to a packed house at Los Angeles’ RedCat theater last night, the star took to the stage in teetering stilettos and a custom Thierry Mugler thong that would make Sisqo blush. Before joining pals like Rosanna Arquette, Katy Rodriguez, and Lisa Edelstein at the after-party, Mr. Arias slipped into something more comfortable: a black cashmere pantsuit. But that’s not to say he left his sense of style at the green room door. “This is glamorous!” said Arias when we suggested that the pantsuit might be otherwise. “What did you expect, sequins? My dear friend Mr. Mugler would murder me if he saw me in anything that sparkled.”

Arias With a Twist, a phantasmagoric drag show co-starring X-rated marionettes, was the brainchild of Arias and his longtime friend, the famed puppeteer Basil Twist. Having enjoyed a successful run in New York, Arias has brought it to Los Angeles for a limited engagement ending on December 13.

The Western Front In Paris


“The designer community in L.A. is really close-knit,” said Katy Rodriguez, who last night teamed up with fellow Angeleno Gregory Parkinson to show their Spring collections in Paris. “Gregory has been showing here for ten years. It just felt right to jump onboard.” For her City of Light debut, the designer and owner of Resurrection was inspired by industrial designer Carlo Mollino’s posthumously found stash of erotic (but chic) Polaroids. Rodriguez had skirts with ruffled chiffon bustles, leather bralettes, and flouncy cocktail dresses in iridescent taffetas (specially sourced from the French mill Bucol) that were more red carpet than red light.

Meanwhile, Parkinson’s print-laden collection reads bohemian at first glance, but closer inspection reveals hand embroidery and one-of-a-kind textiles that are evidence of meticulous work that’s quite far from hippiedom. “These days, clothing needs to be special,” said Parkinson. “Clients ask me to adapt something and I do it, because I’m a small company and that is what I can offer.” The personalized service has earned him some dedicated fans. Parkinson created the bridesmaid dresses for Vogue West Coast fashion editor Lawren Howell’s wedding this past weekend. “Each one is hand-dyed a different color,” he said, showing us a photo from the San Francisco wedding on his iPhone. “Women don’t want to look the same.”

Photo: Courtesy of Katy Rodriguez

Arianne Phillips’ Favorite Bird-Watching Designer


Other than the fact that both are pop sensations, we doubt there’s too much that Madonna has in common with the Jonas Brothers. Being fans of Joseph Brooks is one rare case. On Saturday, stylist Arianne Phillips and party planner Bryan Rabin hosted a day-long trunk show for the music industry veteran-
turned-jewelry designer at Venice Beach boutique A+R, along with co-owner Rose Apodaca. “He’s been making his jewelry quietly for years,” said Apodaca. “But this is his first public outing.” Brooks’ chunky semiprecious stone necklaces, some dangling with carved skulls, have easy rock ‘n’ roll appeal, but ornithology also fuels the designer’s creative drive. “I love the story behind his pieces,” explained Phillips, who brought along Russian Vogue fashion director Simon Robins. “He goes to places like Sumatra and Madagascar to bird-watch, and on his travels he finds stones and inspiration. I feel like I get a little part of his travels in every piece.” Resurrection’s Katy Rodriguez, with boyfriend Tony Alva in tow, shared in Brooks’ avian-obsession, buying an enormous onyx eagle pendant. For those who couldn’t make it, the jewelry, including the quartz bracelet pictured here, is currently available at

Photo: Courtesy of A+R