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Blasblog: when the lights go up, time for charades


Imagine, if you will, the following scene at the Beatrice Inn Sunday night: In a roped-off VIP room not much larger than Vogue‘s Manolo Blahnik closet at 4 Times Square, you have Kirsten Dunst, Jefferson Hack, Adrian Grenier, Bijou Phillips, Sean Avery, Lou Doillon, and Jamie Burke. The place is packed, the drinks are flowing, the laughs are loud and hard. This is the official after-party for the Purple magazine dinner, which took place a stone’s throw away on West 4th Street, and Doillon’s belated birthday party (the big day was actually the 4th of this month). It’s dark and it’s smoky—never mind how much that irritates the ol’ pupils—and everyone is just really feeling special. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lights go up, the music goes down, and the fire marshall comes in. “Well, that was a buzz kill,” Hack observed to his friends. “Now what do we do?” He probably wasn’t asking the question literally, but Waris Ahluwalia had a plan: charades. And just like that, Hack was up, performing for Avery and Dunst, who brought Scott Sternberg from Band of Outsiders as her date (she also starred in the label’s recently debuted video installation). It took a few minutes—I’m blaming the distraction of those burly FDNY men pacing the joint in their rather unflattering yellow flame-retardant overalls, rather than anything like alcohol—but in time, through Hack’s valiant efforts and dedication to his portrayal, Dunst and Sternberg finally guessed his two-word movie title: The Shining.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

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