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Edition Poshette Favors Fun Over Flash


Edition Poshette

Paris-based Danish designer Simone Bendix made a small splash during fashion week three years back, when she and her twin sister, Helene, dressed up as vintage cigarette girls and paraded around her fledgling accessories brand outside a jam-packed DSquared2 party at the Ritz.

Since then, Edition Poshette has quietly gained a loyal following, particularly in Japan, plus visibility in a smattering of small but strategic places like a museum shop in Copenhagen and other boutiques in Florence, Antwerp, and Zurich. Poshettes are also known to be in the closets of some red-carpet A-listers such as Christina Hendricks, Juliette Binoche, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

A trained actress herself, Bendix is also a veteran collector of bags in vintage fabrics. Ultimately, she decided to try her hand at accessories design because a friend was pining for a “wallet that didn’t look like a sign of money.” “I wrote a little story about things coming to life through a pair of hands,” she recalled. “We tend to forget that the real story lies in how things are made, and the people who do that well are truly special.” When word got out about her first pouch design, it sold out immediately.

Edition Poshette

Other stories have followed and eventually come to life as small leather accessories. A flea-market veteran, Bendix will pick up on a bracelet handle on a vintage bag, or riffle through old books for typefaces and illustrations of storks or butterflies that she recasts onto leather. Like a little cottage industry, Edition Poshette turns out limited runs, producing pieces in Italy according to its own schedule. It is also definitely a family affair: Bendix designs poetic and practically minded little clutches, purses, bracelets, wallets, etc., most bearing chirpy and/or punning titles in French, such as “Memoires de la Dernière Libertine” or “Les Joies de la Route,” while sister Helene handles the graphics. “I’ve always been into inventing my own rules,” Bendix noted. “What I didn’t realize was that [design] wouldn’t be any more stable than acting. But it’s a lot more fun.”

Edition Poshette is available online at

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Kate Moss’ Wedding Style: Doggystyle? And More…


There’s a new addition to the Labelux family—and it’s a boy! (Well, sort of.) The privately held Austrian luxury goods conglomerate has acquired Jimmy Choo, reportedly for the sum of $800 million. Choo joins Derek Lam and Bally in the Labelux clan. [Dealbook]

Will Snoop Dogg play the Moss/Hince nuptials? MTV U.K. cites an intriguing report—from one of the world’s most scurrilous tabloids, so take with a grain of salt—that the rapper is in talks with the super’s people. Apparently he’s the go-to choice of British royalty (actual, or in Kate’s case, sartorial). Snoop said on English TV that he’d also been asked to play Prince William’s “stag do” but had to attend a barbecue instead. [MTV U.K. via Racked]

Balmain sets out to court the kids with Pierre Balmain, a new diffusion line targeting younger customers. Men’s and women’s collections will debut for Spring 2012. [Telegraph]

YSL to the West End! Stefano Pilati and the label are designing costumes for a new revival of Harold Pinter’s drama Betrayal, starring fashion favorite Kristin Scott Thomas. It opens this month and runs through August in London. [WWD]

Gucci takes another step forward in its support of documentary film: The label and its corporate parent, PPR, have endowed a new prize for documentaries focusing on women’s issues. [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage

At Castel In Paris, Toasting Kristin Scott Thomas And Looking Forward To Le Baron In NYC


As Kristin Scott Thomas, sipping Cristal, stood in intense conversation with Phoebe Philo in the upstairs room at Castel in Paris last night, it was hard to imagine the actress dressed as a pineapple. That guise, among others, was one of many Thomas donned for a spread in the latest issue of French fashion mag Double, which Philo, along with Haider Ackermann, Leelee Sobieski, and Adam Kimmel, was at Castel to fête.

“I got the idea [for the costume] ages ago, when my daughter asked me to make her a pineapple costume for a party,” Thomas explained. “I didn’t know the first thing about how to do that, but the idea stuck in my mind.” That idea, or, more generally, Thomas’ love of disguise, was what led to the Double shoot: At Lanvin jewelry designer Elie Top’s birthday-cum-costume-party last year, the actress’ Amy Winehouse getup was so convincing that Double‘s Fabrice Paineau convinced Thomas to try out various dream roles in the magazine. The resulting spread, shot by Max Farago, imagines Thomas as Johnny Hallyday, avec moustache, a tight-lipped BCBG, and a hooker, along with a reprise of her Winehouse role.

As for parties in New York to look forward to, Vincent Darré—who co-hosted the bash with Thomas and styled the shoot—is currently putting the finishing touches Le Baron’s soon-to-open Big Apple outpost. “It’s in Chinatown and we designed it like a bordello from The Shanghai Gesture,” Darré said. Sounds suitably kinky.

Photo: Bruno Werzinski

A Magazine And Acne Paper Play Host In Paris


The party people were out in force on Friday night in Paris’ Marais to celebrate the latest editions of two—get this—print magazines. The revolving-editor A Magazine chose Giambattista Valli to helm its new issue: his chosen theme, “real beauty,” and his cover, a portrait of River Phoenix by Michael Tighe (above right). Marina Abramovic, Nan Goldin, Chiara Clemente, Lee Radziwill, Peter Schlesinger, and Kenzo Takada all collaborated on the tenth issue, as did Sasha Pivovarova, who did a series of self-portraits. “This magazine is about what nourishes me; it’s another way to show my inspirations,” said Valli, who opened his exploration with a 1975 quote from Yves Saint Laurent: “What we imagine may be very beautiful but nothing replaces reality.” (To buy, visit

Around the corner at the very private Maison de La Chasse, Maria Berenson and editor Thomas Persson (below right) co-hosted a fête for the new issue of Acne Paper, the Studio Issue, and Kristin Scott Thomas and Bruno Frisoni (below left), Nicola Formichetti, Lanvin’s Lucas Ossendrijver and Elie Top, and Catherine Baba all dropped by to mill in the hunting house’s drawing rooms. The mag includes visits to, or representations of, the studios of artists like Matisse, Pollock, and Hockney, as well as photographic portfolios by Helmut Lang and Eric Boman. A nude Leigh Bowery (shot by Bruce Bernard as he sat for a portrait with Lucien Freud) appears on the cover (above left), and hostess Berenson is inside, shot by Katerina Jebb in Jean Cocteau’s house in Milly-La-Forêt. “Marisa’s grandmother, Elsa Schiaparelli, was so close to Cocteau it was natural to shoot her in his old house,” Persson explained of the spread, “and Acne is based on the idea of a creative collective, so we focused on artists’ studios as the place where creativity happens.” (To buy, visit Acne, 10 Greene St., NYC, or

Photos: Courtesy of A Magazine; Courtesy of Acne Paper