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On The Beach With Jason Wu


For his Resort ’12 collection, Jason Wu channeled the vivid colors of Puerto Rico, glimpsed during a New Year’s vacation last year. Now that the weather in New York is turning chilly, a return to the beach sounds pretty appealing. That’s where Wu and photographer KT Auleta went to shoot their new Resort video. “KT has really been innovative with the way she’s worked with moving imagery,” Wu said of his collaborator. “I think movement is such an important part of clothes that it made complete sense to collaborate on a video that not only showed the Resort collection, but also told a vividly compelling story.” This story in particular was inspired by the slightly creepy mood of The Talented Mr. Ripley, although with Hailey Clauson taking on model/actress duties, it’s hard to see anything but sunshine. The video, which debuts exclusively here on, goes up on next week, along with an interview with Wu and Auleta. The Resort collection pieces pictured hit the floor at the end of November, but if you can’t wait until then, there’s always the exclusive Miss Wu bag on sale today as part of‘s Instant Get program. Click here to ogle.

The Dance of Verrier


Post Black Swan, dance has gotten a bit of a bad rap. But the art isn’t only the provenance of unraveling young prima donnas. It’s also, as Verrier designer Ashleigh Verrier reminds us in her latest collection film, a genteel pursuit—even if, in Verrier’s case, it’s a slightly trippy one.

Verrier’s Fall ’11 collection was inspired by Newport Remembered: A Photographic Portrait of a Gilded Past, Deborah Turbeville’s look at the mansions of some of America’s wealthiest citizens, like the Breakers, the famous private home of the Vanderbilts. “They have their own sense of subterranean life that she was very much out to capture, and that was sort of the underlying theme of the collection,” Verrier said of Turbeville’s shots. She incorporated that sense into her own collection using houndstooths and muted fabrics, evoking the opulent lifestyle at The Breakers. But the modern twist came courtesy, Verrier said, of a trip to MOMA and an avant-garde pioneer. “Danse Serpentine” by the late nineteenth-century modern dancer Loie Fuller was particularly influential. “She was able to paint each frame of the film and create an illusion based on how the clothes were moving from a dance standpoint,” Verrier explained of Fuller’s work. Verrier’s own film, debuting exclusively above, was directed by the fashion lenswoman KT Auleta and styled by Ben Sturgill, with music by Gang Gang Dance and an invisible dancer from the Joffrey Ballet School.

Generra’s New Girl


With a name like Harley Viera-Newton, it was only a matter of time before someone set the DJ and girl-about-town on a hog. The moment has arrived. For their first collection as creative directors of Generra (though Swaim consulted on the menswear last season), Swaim and Christina Hutson commissioned photographer and filmmaker KT Auleta to shoot Viera-Newton raring around town on a motorcycle to the sounds of indie band Sleigh Bells. Between Auleta, Viera-Newton, Sleigh Bells, and the Hutsons themselves, it’s enough cool-kid cred to make your head explode—which may explain the video’s colorburst effects. (Well, that, or Generra’s status as the ancestral home of Hypercolor, the eighties color-change fabric.) Does it contain any clues to the label’s upcoming NYFW presentation? Not exactly. “It’s 40 models riding Harleys down the runway!” Christina joked when we checked in with her and her husband at their NYC studio. Next year, maybe. This season, “we’re trying to make it more of a party than a runway,” Swaim said. “And Harley really fits that. It’s not going to be such a serious thing.” The party begins below.

First Persona: Apiece Apart’s Spring Short


The inspiration for Apiece Apart designers Laura Cramer and Starr Hout’s new Spring collection included all of the following: Josef Albers, color theory, Lawrence of Arabia, David Hockney’s painting, and early Joan Didion. But for the video they shot to accompany the collection, they threw yet another into the mix: Ingmar Bergman’s Persona. “It seemed like an interesting idea to play with, that blurring and exchanging of identities,” says Cramer.
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Ashleigh Verrier Stages A Divine Intervention


No, you didn’t see Ashleigh Verrier’s name on the fashion calendar this season, but you will see an edit of her film Divination exclusively here on Why the switch from runway to video format? “As I was designing, I was imagining characters rather than referencing a period or an icon,” the Parsons-trained designer explained. “I was drawn to using film to evoke a lifestyle.” Shot in upstate New York by KT Auleta, better known for her fashion photographs, Divination stars models Myf Shepherd, Maxine Schiff, and Malene Knudsen as three privileged girls frolicking in nature and playing with a mysterious pendulum. Spoiler alert: Their fate is to be extremely well-dressed. As for the clothes, they have all of the whimsy Verrier is known for, overlaid for spring with equestrian touches and some watery references (sequins that look like raindrops, for example). “I wanted there to be a ‘gone down the rabbit hole,’” aspect to the project, the designer said. We’re sure that Alice would approve.