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The Roth Revival


It wasn’t just records—whatever Kurt Cobain wore won cult status. (Just think of the generation of kids he introduced to Daniel Johnston with his famous “Hi, How Are You” T-shirt.) And now, for those who missed them the first time around, Jordan Silver of the excellent Silver Lining Vintage—Jay-Z’s preferred vintage-sunglass dealer, not to mention Bergdorf Goodman’s—is reissuing the Christian Roth specs that Cobain made famous, in a new collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Silver supplied deadstock Roth frames (including the cat-eyes the Nirvana frontman preferred) kitted out with new lenses, in tortoise-print and violet-lensed versions ($450, available at Kurt wears his (left) alongside some woman you may recognize if you hit a party or two in 2010.


He’s Got 99 Problems, But A Cardi Ain’t One


Jay-Z’s performance at last night’s World Basketball Festival tip-off brought out some fashionable faces, including designers Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra. But the evening’s main style statement occurred when the headliner took to the Radio City Music Hall stage…in a cardigan (top). That may sound more Crosby, Bing (bottom right), than Generation Bling, but—with the help of some shades and beads—the rapper more than pulled it off. Of course, the cardigan has been busily shedding its stodgier associations for the last couple of years, and Jay-Z has been at the forefront of that movement, repeatedly wearing button-front knits in his offstage appearances. So let’s call last night’s black version with patent arm patches an evolution, not a revolution. Perhaps it was no coincidence that moments before the start of his set, the P.A. system blasted Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” recalling one of music’s most memorable cardis: the fuzzy green number Kurt Cobain wore on MTV Unplugged (bottom left).

In related sartorial news, Jay-Z has teamed up with Nike to design a range of blacked-out Air Force 1′s commemorating the World Basketball Festival. The only way to get your hands on a pair is to bid in eBay’s charity auction, and all proceeds will benefit the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. You have until August 22.

Photos: Roger Kisby / FilmMagic / Getty Images (Jay-Z); Frank Micelotta / Getty Images (Kurt Cobain); Getty Images (Bing Crosby)

Are You Ready To Be Reskilled?


Rob Hopkins, founder of the organization the Transition Network, has won over communities worldwide to his theory that the only way humanity will be able to ameliorate the effects of climate change is by undertaking “the great reskilling,” an intensive re-education in practical skills such as knitting. Transition Town theory has a note of survivalism—it’s easy to imagine adherents learning to can vegetables so they can store them in a bunker, next to their guns—but its principles are starting to trickle down to the mainstream. You can imagine that Hopkins would be very pleased, for example, to hear that Wool and the Gang is opening a store in New York City. Launched earlier this year by Lisa Sabrier and Carolyn Main, the Paris-based brand aims to make knitting attractive and accessible to the style-minded. According to Main, the Zion hat—an oversize fisherman’s cap—can be whipped up by a beginner in a day. “That’s why we introduced the ‘Crazy Sexy Wool’ first,” Main explained, as workmen slapped paint on the walls of the Wool and the Gang boutique in Soho. “The yarn is so thick, it knits fast, and bears mistakes.” The new wool Wool and the Gang is introducing next month—Sugar Baby Alpaca—is intended for more advanced knitters, but even so, the patterns the Wool and the Gang team have devised exploit the aesthetic benefits of the occasional screw-up. “We did a sweater inspired by the one you’d see Kurt Cobain wearing in old photos,” says Main. “There are holes, it’s stretched out and all a little off, in a good way.” Perfectionists will be able to improve their knitting skills at the Wool and the Gang store. Following the launch party tomorrow night, the shop will be hosting lessons every evening for the next week, and beyond that, will remain open daily for knitters who want some help as they cast-on. How-to videos and graphic, jargon-free instruction manuals ought to coax cynics into giving knitting a try; that said, there is an out for the lazy. The Cobain sweater, like all the Wool and the Gang styles that are available as knit kits at the store, can also be purchased ready-made.