July 30 2014

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Irene Neuwirth Is Stoked on Stones


Irene Neuwirth's Skateboard

L.A.-based jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth is admittedly no Tony Hawk. “I have been known to get on a skateboard once in a while,” the designer told “But I can barely go around the block. Getting down the street is my biggest skill,” she laughed. However, what she lacks in technique, she makes up for in aesthetic. This Sunday, the designer will put her latest creation—a skateboard covered in $60,000 worth of chrysoprase, labradorite, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise—up for auction at LAXART’s annual garden party. Neuwirth, who will cohost the public and experimental arts organization’s fete with Rebecca Bloom, is joined by artists and skaters such as Kelly Barrie, Andrea Bowers, and Natas Kaupas in crafting boards for the cause. Bidding for most items will start at $250, while Neuwirth’s deck will start at $2,000. “For me, it’s really incredible to work with a nonprofit that raises awareness for art,” offered Neuwirth. “They’re always doing really neat things all over Los Angeles, and [this project] was just kind of a perfect storm.” As for her board, which debuts exclusively above, Neuwirth admits that she designed the whole thing while recovering from dental surgery last week. “Maybe it was just because I was pent up in my house, but I thought it would be cool to make it really over-the-top.” She thought right—although, with its organic swirls of electric green and midnight stones, we wouldn’t recommend taking this particular piece of equipment out on the half-pipe. “I think this is more of a board that hangs on the wall,” she suggested.

For tickets to LAXART’s garden party, visit the organization’s Web site.

Photo: Courtesy of Irene Neuwirth

L.A., The Charlotte Ronson Way


Not only does she juggle her eponymous label and I Heart Ronson, her secondary line for JCPenney, Charlotte Ronson also recently inked a deal to roll out 200 CR stores in Asia over the next five years. It’s Phase I of the Ronson family plan for world domination—and we’re only mostly kidding.

Of course, even a budding fashion mini-mogul needs her R&R, and for that, Ronson heads for L.A. (a city where even Pilates studios offer valet parking). Between the vibrant city and her twin, Samantha, living in West Hollywood, Ronson’s become something of a fixture on the JFK-LAX red-eye. And while her West Coast likes (the weather) and dislikes (the traffic) are pretty standard, her go-to hang outs here are anything but. On her most recent sojourn, Ronson toted a camera along with her to give an off-the-beaten track guide to her favorite spots in the City of Angels. Her photo diary includes stops at an airbrush nail salon and a gun range. Frommer’s, this is not. Continue Reading “L.A., The Charlotte Ronson Way” »