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Ladurée Hits NYC


Let them eat macarons—I believe that’s how the famous command was actually meant to go. And today, New Yorkers can eat them just like the Parisians do: Ladurée, Paris’ famed macaronerie, in business since 1862, opens its first stateside outpost in Manhattan. During the Paris shows, even those editors who subsist on Evian and consommé have been known to drop into Ladurée’s shops for a pick-me-up. The temptation’s now a lot closer to home.

Ladurée is now open at 864 Madison Ave., NYC, (646) 558-3157.

Photos: Courtesy of Ladurée

Marni Does Macaroons


No matter how much you think that fashion folk eat or don’t, one thing is for sure: They love a macaroon. Loïc Prigent famously captured Marc Jacobs basing Louis Vuitton’s Polka Dot Fleurs handbag on them. Monique Lhuillier based an entire collection on Ladurée’s pastels. And I’ve witnessed several instances of the sandwiched meringue sweets being pounced on by chicsters when they’ve been brought out at an event. Marni is the latest label to join in on the patisserie party, collaborating with Ladurée on a limited-edition box, patterned with polka dots and a little flower brooch, filled with gold-covered chocolate macaroons. Or for the Marni fan who can’t live without color—we’re guessing it’s a sizable group—there’s the option of creating a customized selection of flavors. They come in boxes of eight or 18 and go on sale starting December 1 at Ladurée outposts in Paris, London, Tokyo, Dublin, and Zurich.

Carven’s Way To Your Heart: Après Les Macarons, La Mode


As fashion resurrections go, Carven is shaping up to be an interesting case. For one thing, its founding couturière, Mme. Carven, is still very much with us—at 100 years old and counting—although it’s been years since she has had a hand in her namesake house. For another, the newly recast ready-to-wear house is betting that in lieu of a fashion week presentation, it will catch the attention of editors and future clients by appealing not to the eye but to the palate. To that end, this week (and throughout October) Ladurée on the Rue Royale is showcasing a Carven collection of unique, to say the least, chlorophyll and anise-flavored macarons, a nod to the house’s signature green-and-white.

Newly appointed designer Guillaume Henry is an alum of Riccardo Tisci’s early days at Givenchy, and more recently the top stylist for the popular French label Paule Ka. He offers few details of the actual collection but promises to tweak the classics and transform the “jolie madame” into a “princess of cool” with a little extra spice. There’s an exclusive little sneak peek in the image above. But until his Spring 2010 presentation on October 21, the fashion world will mostly have to settle for the sweets.

Photo: left, Sol Sanchez; right, Courtesy of Carven

harrods puts on a spread


The scene: the Ladurée tea room at Harrods, which is hosting the launch of André Benjamin’s Benjamin Bixby line. The time: late night. In attendance: a bunch of ravenous and low-blood-sugared journalists, buyers, and publicists who have been running around to the shows and events all day with no lunch, no dinner—nothing but Red Bull and, if they’re lucky, a bag of crisps. Enter some hunky, attentive French waiters, some right off the Eurostar (on loan from Ladurée HQ), bringing tray after tray of glorious haute couture nibbles and generally being agreeably attentive. You’ve never seen so many happy women tucking in with abandon. Harrods, we love you.