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Maria Luisa Packs It Up, Jenny Packham Heads West, How To Get Your Gaga, And More…


End of an era, sign #1,359,007: Maria Luisa Poumaillou is set to shut her eponymous Paris boutique on the rue Rouget to focus on her fashion editor position at Printemps department store and the new e-commerce boutique she’ll launch on [WWD]

Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti painstakingly details the fashion credits for the new, Steven Klein-shot video for “Alejandro.” Now you know just who to call to order your custom, goggled headpiece. [Nicola Formichetti via Racked]

Did London stop calling? English designer Jenny Packham, known for her glamorous gowns, has announced she’ll show in New York for the upcoming season. [Vogue U.K.]

And please meet five of the best-looking bloggers in the business: male models Cesar Casier, Sen Mitsuji, Lyle Lodwick, Noma Han, and Frey Mudd. [Refinery29]

Photo: Interscope

Get Back To Work With A Few (Hundred) Crazy Gaga-isms


Sad to say, the long weekend’s over and most of us are back at our desks. But one creature who never rested was Lady Gaga, who kept the home fires burning with a holiday-weekend dose of her usual inspired looniness. Gaga sat for a live interview with Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio on Sunday night and for two hours, fielded questions from a few fans—fans like Daphne Guinness, Cathy Horyn, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, Jefferson Hack, and Quentin Tarantino. The full two-hour interview is now available on, but in case your boss is watching over your shoulder (hi, boss!), we’ve reprinted a few of our favorites below.

Cathy Horyn: I’m wondering to what extent your style has been influenced by Isabella Blow and Daphne Guinness? I detect not merely more high fashion in your look, but more English flamboyance.

Lady Gaga: Isabella and Daphne are two genius human beings. Women, icons, but so much more than that. They are for me a way to look into myself and examine their lives and who they are in an effort to understand myself better. Isabella is an enormous inspiration and so is Daphne, and I cherish their lives. I cherish them both, as if we were cut from the same cloth.

John Galliano: If you were able to travel through time where would you go: backwards or forwards, and why?

Lady Gaga: My first instinct is to say to go to the past, because I would love to experience and see all that has influenced and shaped my vocabulary. However, I will decline the past, I would say if I had to choose I would go to the future. The reason is quite selfish: because McQueen used to say, you must never look back, you must always be going forwards. I would go to the future—selfishly—to feed my work and make me a better artist, to create more forward-thinking, innovative, magical and poetic work, like he did.

Nicola Formichetti [Vogue Hommes Japan fashion director, Dazed & Confused creative director, and Lady Gaga’s stylist]: What are your favorite and least favorite outfits we created together?

Lady Gaga: My favorite? That’s quite a difficult question! One of my favorites was the red McQueen lace archive dress, and the tall red crown for the Video Music Awards. My favorite that we made was the performance outfit that bled on its own—it was such a strong statement about clothing being alive, it lives and breathes. That was incredible. The least favorite… I don’t have one! You’re amazing, Nicola, you always nail it. No regrets. We’ve done so much together, it’s difficult to say my favorite and least favorite. It’s like saying I don’t like my arm! Continue Reading “Get Back To Work With A Few (Hundred) Crazy Gaga-isms” »

What Georgia Wears To Cruise, Daphne To Work Out, Lady Gaga To Shock And Awe, And More…


The reign of Georgia May Jagger continues. The pouty-lipped, doe-eyed model—who, at this rate, we’ll have to start calling “super” soon—has nabbed Chanel’s Cruise campaign, if the leaked shots that have hit the Web are to be believed. [Fashin via Refinery29]

Cathy Horyn weighs in on Christopher Kane’s unlikely partnership with Donatella Versace, “an odd mix that works.” She also floats the speculation that Versace will invest in Kane’s namesake line, which Kane doesn’t deny. Embroidered flowers on patent leather for everyone! [NYT]

Williamsburg’s favorite hipster eatery, Marlow & Sons, is leaving no scrap unused: The restaurant is now making bags from skins of animals it uses for meat. This is both slightly gross and slightly amazing—in other words, echt Williamsburg. [NY Mag]

We know what Daphne Guinness wears to the movies, but London’s Times asks the tough questions: What does she wear to the gym? The answer—Rick Owens tees and leggings, apparently—and more choice Daphne-isms make the article well worth a read this morning. [Times Online]

And brace yourself for Lady Gaga, the book. LADY GAGA: Critical Mass Fashion hits stores this September. [Daily Front Row]


Lady Gaga’s Doing It For Herself, Your Chance To Snag A Few Early Alexander McQueens, And More…


Three years after her death, Isabella Blow’s unparalleled fashion collection—which included her friend Alexander McQueen’s entire graduate collection from Central Saint Martins—will go on the auction block. Here’s hoping some smart museum or private donor keeps at least the McQueens together. [WWD]

Todd Selby shot Waris Ahluwalia, Ruben Toledo, and André Balazs in their envy-inducing offices and homes for Louis Vuitton—in other words, exactly what you’d expect. If it ain’t broke, we guess… [Refinery29]

Speaking of Waris, he joined Lily Donaldson, Erin Wasson, and more in supporting NYC public school education. Each designed a T-shirt to be auctioned off on eBay to celebrate Playworkgroup’s first anniversary; the proceeds will go to Pencil, a local nonprofit. Lily’s shirt includes a pair of eyes and the legend “I See You”; Erin’s the scrawled quote, “Some things should last a really long time.” (So maybe hand-wash this particular tee?) [Modelinia]

Anne Hathaway has given up the gifts given to her by her conman ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, which include several Rolexes, jewelry, and a Louis Vuitton box. They’ll be auctioned off to repay the victims of Follieri’s schemes. [Page Six]

And Lady Gaga has applied for an internship with eccentric English milliner Philip Treacy. We never thought we’d say this, but makes total economic sense. If you’re going to run around with lobsters, telephones, and orbiting rings on your head all day, it’s only practical to bring production in-house. [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: David Fisher / Rex USA

GA For Gaga, A Few Thoughts On The (Real) Plastics, And More…


On last night’s American Idol, Lady Gaga performed in a mostly-mesh Armani bodysuit. “To complement the spirit of Lady Gaga herself, I have let my imagination run free,” the designer said. OK, just so long as he doesn’t make a habit of it. [Vogue U.K.]

On with their heads? Apparently, mannequin heads are making a comeback—one of the many tidbits to be found in Cathy Horyn’s treatise on the divas of the window display in today’s Times. [NYT]

Speaking of mannequins, Style Like U takes a tour of nineties model Jenny Shimizu’s digs. [Style Like U via Refinery 29]

And Gen Art, which has supported emerging designers, filmmakers, artists, and musicians for 16 years, announced late yesterday that it has halted operations. Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Phillip Lim, Peter Som, and Vena Cava were among the many designers given a leg up by the organization early in their careers. [WWD]