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Las Vegas Just Got a Little Bit Cooler Thanks to Artist Tracey Emin


emin1English contemporary artist Tracey Emin has partnered with the Art Production Fund on I Promise to Love You for PAUSE, a public art exhibit that is being displayed on all of the LED signage at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The unique, large-scale series is made up of six pieces themed around love and, in true Vegas fashion, made of glowing, digital neon lights that slowly spell themselves out as if they were being written by Emin herself. So if you’re walking down Las Vegas Boulevard, make sure you look up and catch Emin’s beautiful message displayed on the 65-foot marquee. It might make you feel better about your losses, or about being in Las Vegas in the first place.



Photo: Art Production Fund

Three Pairs of Manolos Instead of Six: Todd Hanshaw’s Vegas Shopping Stories


A month ago, Vegas mogul Steve Wynn opened Encore, his new $2.3 billion hotel and casino. Attached to the Wynn, which set a new standard for Vegas luxury when it opened in 2005, Encore is in many ways an attempt to turn it up yet another notch. Its 11 brand-new boutiques include an ultraluxe Chanel and the world’s first stand-alone Rock & Republic. We know: crazy, right? We asked Wynn Resorts fashion director Todd Hanshaw to explain himself. The former retail director for Genny Group and director of stores for Marc Jacobs did so, happily, and in the process told us about recession-proof Nicholas Kirkwoods (in crocodile, no less) and the spending habits of the rich and richer.

It’s Sunday! You’re working?
I’m in Encore right now. The Wynn has its own magazine and today we’re shooting it. We’re talking about fashion as art and we just finished a shot of the Botero statue in the middle of Botero, the restaurant.

Fashion and art. A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine either in Vegas. How is the fashion scene different now and how does Wynn fit into it?
In our hotels there are people from all over the world. They know what’s going on and they have a very high taste level. I think the biggest problem here for a lot of people is stores talking down to them. There is a lot in the world beyond Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana.

Still, though, you’re not exactly selling clothes you’d find on Madison Avenue.
This is a resort, and this is a vacation. We’re not a place where someone is shopping for the black suit they’re wearing Monday through Friday. We’ve really made our mark in the market for having things that are special. Nobody in Vegas is going to make money selling things people can have anywhere else in the world. Continue Reading “Three Pairs of Manolos Instead of Six: Todd Hanshaw’s Vegas Shopping Stories” »

Encore, Encore: Shopping Sin City’s Newest Hotel


To get an idea of how desperate the situation has become in Las Vegas, you only need to look at the tourism board’s ad campaigns. Last summer, it was “Crazy Times Call for Crazy Fun.” Now, it’s “The Dangers of Thinking.” Are things really so bad in Sin City that you have to flip your brain to the off switch to visit? Not exactly. In fact, savvy travelers (who know casino hotels do whatever it takes to keep their volume up) can book rooms cheaper than ever. But this is hardly the best time to open a new luxury playground—which is exactly what Steve Wynn did a month ago with Encore, a $2.3 billion casino complex attached to the Wynn. Tellingly, the 2,304-suite hotel is surrounded by stalled projects—like MGM’s colossal CityCenter and the Fontainebleau, which opened in Miami Beach in December—that were supposed to one-up it. As if filling the craps tables wasn’t tough enough, Encore is hoping to lure luxury customers into its 11 new high-end shops. That would be tough enough in a normal city. In Vegas, where consumers go for clothes that make a statement—which is usually something akin to “It’s Fun Time!”—it would appear all but impossible. So how’s business, at a glance? Continue Reading “Encore, Encore: Shopping Sin City’s Newest Hotel” »