August 30 2014

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How To Buy Vintage: A Screaming Mimi’s Lesson


Occasionally the best party anecdotes come post-interview, preferably when your pals of nearly three decades are on hand to toast something big. Luckily, Screaming Mimi’s founder, Laura Wills, celebrating her store’s 30th anniversary with a dinner on Tuesday night at Manhattan’s Broadway East, had friends like co-host Kim Hastreiter handy. “I don’t shop anywhere on the East or the West Coast,” Wills explained of her thrifting strategy. “I would rather get in the car and drive for 11 hours than be with the masses.” Nestled among guests like Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Patricia Field, DJ-ing duo Harley Viera Newton and Cassie Coane, and Lynn Yaeger, Hastreiter more or less backed up that assertion, relating a memorable story of rummaging for would-be treasures upstate. “There were people selling stuff on their lawn, kinda funky,” she recalled. “And there was this goat. They had a live goat tied to a tree.” Said goat happened to be lying on a brocade coat espied by Wills, who, after some effort, pried the animal off and purchased it for $3. Predictably, the garment later found a new home. After all, Screaming Mimi’s is frequented by more than a few big-name fashionistas in search of inspiration. Hastreiter went on: “Two months later, Laura calls me and says, ‘Guess who just bought the coat with the goat?’ ” We won’t name-drop, but the lucky owners happened to be a very famous design duo.

Photo: Courtesy of Screaming Mimi’s