April 19 2014

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Ferragamo Takes Us To The Movies



Lauren Hutton is returning to the silver screen—or, rather, your computer screen—in Walking Stories, a romantic comedy created by Luca Guadagnino for Salvatore Ferragamo. The film captures a love story that unfolds in three cities near and dear to Mr. Ferragamo’s heart: Los Angeles, where his brand flourished; Shanghai, where the future of fashion lies; and Florence, his beloved hometown. Alongside Hutton, fresh faces such as Kaya Scodelario, Billy Magnussen, and Nathalie Buscombe bring the tale to life (and the rising stars look good doing it—decked out in Ferragamo, naturally). Walking Stories premieres October 8 on, and will be followed by eight biweekly episodes and behind-the-scenes footage. A series of film stills debuts here, exclusively on

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Lauren Hutton Assures: Glenn O’Brien’s Book Will Make You Better In Bed


Kate Moss went on the record—and on the book jacket, in fact—to support Glenn O’Brien’s How to Be a Man. But she’s far from the only stylish woman (to say nothing of the men) to do so. “Read this book it—it will make you better in bed,” Lauren Hutton advised last night. “It makes you more of a gentleman, it makes you think and what could be better than thinking?” (The affection is evidently mutual: The silver-haired writer called Hutton out as his paragon of well-dressed womanhood in an interview with Hutton, along with some eminently well-suited gents, including Thom Browne, André Balazs, Stephen Burrows, Richard Buckley, and GQ‘s Jim Nelson, lined up at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s for an autographed copy of the book.

Balazs mentioned he’s known O’Brien since their club kid days at Area in the early eighties—and presumably seen him through a few sartorial iterations. “What he knows is not to let the clothes define the man, but the other way around,” the hotelier said.

But in some cases, the scribe himself helped to define the man. Rap legend Fab Five Freddy, who worked as a cameraman for O’Brien’s cable-access show TV Party, credits the guy for launching his music career. “It’s a lot deeper than how to be a man,” he explained. “From Glenn, I learned how to insert myself into the popular culture.”

Photo: David X Prutting /

Heeeere’s Johnnie
(A.K.A. The Virgins’ Donald Cumming)


Club Monaco continues its streak of high-profile lookbook and campaign shooters this season, hiring Ryan McGinley to lens its Spring 2011 ads. It’s tapped top talent, too: Lauren Hutton, Lou Doillon, Tali Lennox, and the Virgins’ Donald Cumming all appear in the spots. But they’ve also got starring roles in the behind-the-scenes video by Tracy Antonopoulos debuting exclusively here on Cumming stars not as a rocker frontman or a model, but as a wayward videographer named Johnnie who, while napping during a shoot, dreams of a Doillon romance. And when he wakes up…well, let’s just say dreams can come true.

Looking For The Next Chloë? Try The Newsstand; The Faces To Watch This Fashion Week; Rihanna’s Feeling Fruity;
And More…


How’d Chloë Sevigny kick off her career in film and style? By cutting school, it turns out. eBay’s Andrea Linett, the woman who discovered young Sevigny way back when and put her in an ad for Sassy editor Jane Pratt’s The Jane Pratt Show, discovered her loitering at a newsstand̵2during school hours. She did the ad anyway, and lo, a star was born. [Vogue U.K.]

In Rihanna’s new video, she wears newsprint dresses and giant-cherry headpieces. Fruit millinery? Sounds a little like someone we know. That someone, though, is 100 percent on board. “J’ADR!” Anna Dello Russo tweeted about the new vid. [Anna Dello Russo]

Meet the new ones to watch: Modelinia selects its fresh faces of the Fall 2011 season, including Xiao Wen, Ruby Jean Wilson, and Laura Liriano (left). See you on the runway, ladies. [Modelinia]

Speaking of modeling, Alexis Bittar scooped up one of the industry’s grandest dames for his latest poster campaign: Lauren Hutton. He first met the supe 20 years ago when he was still selling jewelry on the street in Soho. [WWD]

As if we needed another reason to hit the spa, The Standard Miami’s is now home to the Rafael de Cárdenas-designed STND/OHWOW store, stocked by the Miami Beach art gallery with accessories, jewelry, beach goods, gifts, and art books. [Racked]


Bittar By The Beach


Since the recession, many designers have remained cautious, cutting back collections and limiting their reach. But Alexis Bittar, still enjoying his recent CFDA accolade, has only seemed to gain steam. In Los Angeles to toast not one but three store openings in the Golden State (two in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco), the designer mingled with a low-key crowd that was equal parts new, local fans and longtime devotees.

At his Abbot Kinney store—a converted beach bungalow with whitewashed floors—Bittar declared himself a fan of the thrumming neighborhood. “This Venice store has a similar feel in terms of content to my other stores, but Abbot Kinney has this amazing beachy vibe and you can just feel this cool undercurrent running through the area.” Even L.A.’s Third Street location seems to have caught on to Venice’s laid-back ethos. “It’s really surprised us. What’s selling on Third Street is more subdued than we had thought it would be. I guess we thought it would be more glitzy.” (This is L.A., after all.)

Fresh off the Victoria’s Secret runway, model Alessandra Ambrosio (above right) introduced herself to the designer, while stylist (and Tom Ford costume designer) Arianne Phillips and a host of L.A. socials sipped Alizé and perused the Fall collection (and a taxidermy hybrid wildebeest/zebra by artist Frank J. Zitz, decked out in AB bangles, below). Lauren Hutton (above left, with Bittar), who follows Joan Collins’ well-heeled footsteps in the line’s latest Jack Pierson-shot campaign, swung by to catch up with Bittar. The designer was all smiles when talk turned to Hutton. “I’ve known Jack for 20 years now and it was good to have such an artistic sensibility to the shots. And with Lauren, well, I just wanted [him] to really capture her and it turned out beautiful.”

Photos: Andreas Branch Photography