April 24 2014

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Mint Your Own Minter


RxArt's new coloring bookThe nonprofit RxArt is dedicated to bringing art into hospitals and health care facilities to raise patients’ spirits. But it’s nice to remember that the charity doesn’t observe only the see-but-don’t-touch approach to fine art. In addition to commissioning installations, RxArt also publishes an annual coloring book, illustrated with line drawings from such artists as Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince, and Christian Marclay, to distribute to the younger clients it serves. This year’s edition, sponsored by Warby Parker, includes peel-off stickers by Ai Weiwei and a pair of cutout glasses by Parker, too. Want to get your hands on one? In addition to being donated to children in RxArt’s participating facilities, it is also sold to benefit the organization on and at Warby Parker outlets nationwide beginning November 13. Minter’s and Simmons’ pages debut exclusively here. A little crayoning goes a long way.

Marilyn Minter's pages from the new RxArt coloring book

Illustrations: Marilyn Minter, Courtesy of Warby Parker

Light Bright: James Turrell Opens at the Guggenheim


James Turrell's Aten ReignFor the past fifty-some years, James Turrell has been manipulating light to dramatic—and quite often hallucinatory—effect. His magnum opus, for instance, the thirty-five-years-in-the-making (and counting) Roden Crater , turns Flagstaff’s volcanic crater into a celestial observatory. A recent work in Las Vegas gives CityCenter’s Louis Vuitton boutique a neon-lit makeover, and his latest effort, dubbed Aten Reign, converts Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim Museum into a mesmerizing neon-lit vortex.

“The show has been in development for about six years, and it was a very complicated construction and design process,” explained associate curator Nat Trotman from the base of the Guggenheim’s rotunda, which has been transformed into a spiraling, shimmering kaleidoscope of shifting color-fields. “This building is very idiosyncratic—you can’t just build anything here.”

The installation makes specific use of the Guggenheim’s soaring, elliptical curves and skylight, adding aluminum plates encased with PVC-covered LED lights to Wright’s base to give the space the feel of a giant, tripped-out lamp. Usually covered with art, the walls are stripped bare, and the viewer is left to look up and take in a seductive, hypnotizing loop of vibrant, alternating blues, greens, pinks, purples, and so on. And at the exhibition’s opening last night, guests such as Ralph Lauren, Francesco Clemente, Jenny Holzer, Laurie Simmons, and Agathe Snow wandered the museum’s ramps, sipping champagne while taking in the multicolored glow.

“Light is a powerful substance,” said Turrell. “We have a primal connection to it. I form it as much as the material allows…. My desire is to set up a situation to which I take you and let you see. It becomes your experience.”

James Turrell opens today at New York’s Guggenheim Museum and will run through September 25.

Photo: Scott Rudd 

Laurie Simmons’ New Collaborator:
Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl returns to the air tonight at 9 p.m., and sources tell it’ll have a new guest star: contemporary artist Laurie Simmons (right, with gallerist Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn). The “Pictures Generation” photographer and portraitist appears on the show to create a commissioned portrait of the van der Woodsens—one that, one presumes, will hang alongside the Richard Phillips they’ve already got. It isn’t the first time the fashion and style world has reached out to Simmons: Thakoon collaborated with the artist on a series of prints for his Spring ’09 show (blooming roses with human legs, in tribute to her Walking and Lying Objects series from the eighties). Nor is it Simmons’ first turn onscreen. She had a starring role—as a contemporary artist who shoots miniature interiors, not unlike her own work—in Tiny Furniture, her daughter Lena Dunham’s award-winning indie film.

Photo: Courtesy of Salon 94

The Art Set Toasts Duro Olowu


Just who is the customer for Duro Olowu’s intensely arty, vibrant patchwork dresses (this season inspired by Picasso)? Who else but intensely arty, vibrant women? At a lunch today on the sixth floor of Barneys, in addition to co-hosts Amanda Brooks and Olowu’s wife, Thelma Golden, the director of the Studio Museum of Harlem, there was Nicola Vassell, a director at Deitch Projects; the gallerist Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn; the textile designer and art collector Olya Thompson; and the artist (and Thakoon Panichgul and Peter Jensen collaborator) Laurie Simmons. The lattermost was fresh off a plane from the South by Southwest Festival, where, as she put it, her daughter Lena Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture “just cleaned up.” Simmons co-starred in the movie with her other daughter, so she was still “flying.” She wasn’t the only one. Olowu’s color-block dresses (pictured), sweaters, and two-tone trench were flying off the trunk sale racks.

Photo: Gisela Torres / Courtesy of Duro Olowu

blasblog: bidding for barack


Not long ago Ahndraya Parlato, an artist and photography professor at Ithaca College, became frustrated that she wasn’t rich enough to donate a big chunk of cash to Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Then, as the election neared, she became even more frustrated when her teaching schedule prevented her from volunteering time to canvas the swing states. Her response? To create an online auction of fellow photographers’ works, with proceeds going to Obama’s campaign, the Democratic party, and nonprofits dedicated to spreading the Obama word, like The result has been an outpouring of donations from the likes of Todd Hido (pictured), Wendy Ewald, Susan Meiselas, David Maisel, and Laurie Simmons. So, attention Democrats and politically motivated modern photography collectors: The auction goes live on October 1. And remember to keep checking back, as additional lots will be posted as the auction nears.

Photo: Todd Hido 6097