September 1 2014

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Nonstop Marc


Marc Jacobs was the guest of honor at the WWD CEO Summit dinner last night. With Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, Olivier Theyskens, and Pamela Love, among other New York design stars, looking on, Jacobs sat down with WWD’s Bridget Foley for an engaging interview that ranged from subjects like his favorite living designer (Miuccia Prada) and current projects (a beauty line with Sephora) to his recent absence from Page Six (“Kanye and Kim have taken my thunder,” he said) to the virtues of living in New York City in the pre-cell-phone age. “Everything felt like a first. It didn’t get tired,” Jacobs said. “Now it’s different, but then there were places where young artistic people could live. Madonna performed at the Roxy before anyone knew who Madonna was. Or Jean-Michel Basquiat. So many people were coming up. There were pockets of creativity. And all of that seemed new. And it was pre-computers, too, so people actually talked to each other, and they did go to clubs. I don’t think there were iPhones or text messaging, so everybody either talked to each other or ignored each other, but they did it face-to-face.”

Describing the nonstop work as “like one prolonged day” between now and the Louis Vuitton show in early March, Jacobs alluded to an upcoming meeting about his Louis Vuitton contract. “So the contract,” Foley said, pressing him for more information, but Jacobs demurred. “We’re discussing that this week,” he said, as if to indicate that anything could still happen. When his boss at Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault, came up another time, Jacobs was more forthcoming. “I always feel like Babe the Pig, with the farmer, where Mr. Arnault will say, ‘That’ll do, Pig.’ He was very pleased with [Daniel] Buren [our Spring collaborator], and he was very pleased with the train [from Fall 2012]; he’s been a lot more forthcoming. But there’s been a good ten out of fifteen years where it was, ‘That’ll do, Pig.’ “

At the end of the interview, Foley invited the audience to ask questions. Martha Stewart was among the guests who spoke up. “I asked my Twitter followers what they’d like to know,” she began, “and they asked, Who’s your greatest inspiration? And if you cook, and your favorite color.”

“I love red, I don’t cook at all, and who inspires me? Well, all of the people I work with inspire me, and my friends inspire me. I couldn’t give you one name.”

Stewart pressed, “They also asked, Who’s your favorite porn star?”

“Well, my favorite ex-porn star,” he said, “is a guy named Eddie.”


The Lady Turned Tramp At Proenza Schouler’s After-Party


The Proenza Schouler girl looks softer and more feminine on the runway this season, but designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough’s after-party at Don Hill’s was all about roughening her edges. “We like contradictions, I guess,” Hernandez explained.

It was the revivified rock club’s final dark-and-dirty fashion week bash, even if the Brooklyn band Crystal Stilts didn’t quite inspire the delirium (or door madness) of Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Iggy Pop. Nevertheless, organizers feared things might get sloppy, and gave photographers the boot around midnight. (An exemption was granted to Adrian Grenier, who seems to have taken up party photography as a hobby; 20 bucks says it has something to do with the fact that HBO is airing his documentary Teenage Paparazzo later this month.) The only obvious signs of impropriety, though, were the grainy porn films—part of a new project by photog Sante D’Orazio—playing on monitors above the Belvedere-sponsored bar. “We put censor bars over it, for the ladies,” Hernandez said. He was joking, of course: Only the faces were blacked out.

Photo: Zac Sebastian