August 30 2014

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Benefit At The Bowery


Even though Carey Mulligan couldn’t make it to last night’s third annual Lincoln Center Institute’s Junior Spring Benefit, an event with the actress’ name on the bill as one of its chairs is sure to be a chic one. On that note, it didn’t disappoint, with its host of DVF-clad (the designer sponsored the event and DVF creative director Yvan Mispelaere was an event chair) actresses and co-chairs, Zoe Kazan (pictured, right), Mamie Gummer (pictured, left), Grace Gummer, and Lily Rabe, along with Lily Kwong, Michelle Harper, and Chelsea Leyland, all turning out to the Bowery Hotel for the cause.

“Doesn’t she look sexy? Look at that dress and she got a new haircut—very sexy,” mused Paul Dano as he looked at his girlfriend Kazan. “We haven’t seen each other in three weeks and we are going to be away from each other for the next five. I just flew in for this and fly back to L.A. tomorrow because I’m about to start shooting a movie called The Pretty One,” said Kazan, who will see Dano again when they reunite for their press tour of Ruby Sparks (written by Kazan; the two also play a couple in it). “We just get two days together but it’s nice, though…it keeps things spicy.”

At dinner on the second floor, it was actor and event chair Rightor Doyle who made sure to keep things extra spicy. “For those of you who haven’t slept with me, my name is Rightor Doyle. Most of you are like, ‘Who?’ I am here for Carey Mulligan so this is the best you got. On a serious note, you guys aren’t getting drunk and having dinner for fun, it’s for charity or whatever.” Proceeds from the event benefit the Lincoln Center Institute, supporting arts in education. Recalling one of his early experiences with the arts in school, Dano said, “I remember having to do music class when I was young, and that feeling like you had to pee your pants so badly but then you do it and it feels so good. I had stage fright then and I still do.”

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Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, And Mamie Gummer Know How To Dress The Part


They were made for the stage. And while many of their contemporaries are content to hoof it to Hollywood and make a play for screentime, up-and-coming actresses (and friends) Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, and Mamie Gummer (left to right)—screen veterans all, too, by the way—are happy to be in New York, treading the boards. All from theatrical stock—Gummer is the daughter of Meryl Streep; Rabe, of playwright David Rabe and actress Jill Clayburgh; and Kazan, the granddaughter of legendary director Elia Kazan—each has a long list of Broadway and stage credits to her name. (Kazan is currently starring opposite Christopher Walken on Broadway in A Behanding in Spokane; Rabe is in rehearsals for The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare in the Park this summer, where she’ll play off one Al Pacino.) They also have, as it happens, a semi-professional interest in fashion. At our interview in the theater district (the better for Kazan to make her evening curtain), Zoe wore a Gary Graham tee and Valentino heels, Mamie an Acne shift and Slow and Steady Wins the Race laceups, and Lily a Valentino dress. No accident on the big V—all three are on the committee for Monday’s Valentino-sponsored Junior Spring Lincoln Center Institute Benefit. We sat down with the actresses for a talk about stage, screen, and sneakers—a key tool, as it turns out, in an actress’ arsenal.

The three of you, in addition to being longtime friends, are all on the benefit committee for Monday’s Lincoln Center Institute benefit. Can you tell us a little about the event?
Mamie Gummer: The Lincoln Center Institute promotes art education in schools, integrating music and art into all subjects. The example that Serena [Merriman, fellow committee member] always gives is, you play a Nina Simone song at the beginning of the school year, and then, for example, study the rhythm for mathematics…I feel like I would’ve liked math a little bit more if it had been centered on a song.
Zoe Kazan: Coming from creative families, we were all nurtured in our creativity, but most people aren’t.

Valentino’s sponsoring, and dressing you. That’s exciting to us—but are you into fashion, too?
Lily Rabe: Listen, who doesn’t love Valentino? [Laughs.]
MG: It’s almost intrinsically connected now, this business and fashion. You don’t really have a choice—you have to be passionate about fashion.
ZK: Acting is playing dress-up, and fashion is a larger extension of that. Another costume.

Do you have similar taste?
MG: We all have very good taste. [Laughs.]
LR: I feel like we’d happy to raid each other’s closets, but we probably have different tastes. But I can’t imagine [we wouldn’t find something]…
ZK: I think we’d do fine.
MG: My closet is all Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan…I’m a one-stop shopper. Continue Reading “Zoe Kazan, Lily Rabe, And Mamie Gummer Know How To Dress The Part” »

Lily Rabe Doesn’t Want to Know Who’s Coming on Opening Night


Lily Rabe was born with the pedigree of an actor’s actor. Her father is playwright David Rabe (whose works were the subject of a recent New Yorker retrospective), and her mother is actress Jill Clayburgh. But Rabe, who graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, has been making theatrical inroads of her own. In 2005 she debuted on Broadway in Steel Magnolias and later took on George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House, garnering award nominations for both performances. After a few film roles, Rabe returns to Broadway for her latest project: starring opposite Mercedes Ruehl in The American Plan. caught up with the up-and-comer during a break from rehearsal to talk about first loves, Ryan Gosling, and her Achilles heel: Alexander Wang. The American Plan opens in previews this Friday.

Tell me about your character in The American Plan.

Well, her name is Lili. She’s very challenging, but that’s really what you want, isn’t it? [Playwright] Rich [Greenberg] has this amazing way of getting to the underbelly of human relationships, and I think one of the great things about his writing is that it can really sneak up on you. You think you’re watching one thing, and then you’re slapped in the face with something else. Basically, the play is very much about Lili’s relationship with her mother. Their attachment to one another is very deep, and the stakes are very high. Without giving too much away, everyone in the play is wildly in love with someone else, and very often it’s the wrong person.

It sounds like a lot of universals: the mother-daughter relationship, insiders and outsiders, falling in love, falling in love with the wrong people. Did you draw on life experiences for the role?

No, I always fall in love with the right people. [Laughs] Yes, of course; not that I’ve ever been in a relationship like any of these necessarily. The point is they’re all so human and, like you said, so universal. So, absolutely, there are pieces from my life. Anyone who’s been desperately in love [knows] you act very strangely. Continue Reading “Lily Rabe Doesn’t Want to Know Who’s Coming on Opening Night” »