August 21 2014

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Fashion Week Countdown: Now and Then


Here at the office the Fall 2012 shows feel light-years away at this point. But at last, it’s time to buy and wear those trends we told you about months ago. In case you need a refresher, here is a video recap from’s editors on what you’ll be seeing on the streets as things kick off at Lincoln Center in a few short days.

Norisol Ferrari Takes Off  


“I’m trying to make the process of getting dressed a little simpler,” New York-based designer Norisol Ferrari tells “You don’t want to have to fuss—I am a busy woman and I can’t be looking to see where my blouse is all the time. I have to look smart from morning until I get to dinner.”

It was that personal need for smart, transitional separates that inspired the Venezuela-born designer to launch her namesake bespoke line in 2009. “I had been looking for the perfect coat, and after searching everywhere I just decided to make one. The first day I wore it, I walked out of my apartment and I had a woman chase me down the street asking me where I got it—within three weeks I had three custom orders,” she says. Since launching with a ten-piece collection, her luxe but functional jackets have caught the eye of Maxfield buyers (where the lines is sold exclusively) and high-profile women alike.

On Tuesday, Ferrari is set to roll out her latest collection at Lincoln Center. She already gave a look at what’s to come: “Pockets in absolutely everything—I thought a lot about that,” she says. “My motorcycle jacket has an iPad pocket, seriously.” The jackets come in strong, masculine men’s fabrics, tempered by lace, stretch silk, and organza tailoring details, a combination inspired by “Jean Harlow meets Tina Turner in Mad Max,” she explains. Ferrari has a sharp eye for detail and a strong understanding of a good fit, and it shows in her work. As she continues to grow as a designer, she is one we have our eyes on. 

Photo: Dan Lecca

Bye-Bye, Bryant Park, Hello…The Box?


Meet the new facade of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Yes, that’s a red carpet you see, but this is the entrance that everybody who isn’t an A-list celebrity will be using come September, when the New York shows move to Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park. (Celebrities get their own private, tented entrance directly off the street, but that means they’ll miss out on the splendor of the fountain at Josie Robertson Plaza.) At a press conference this morning, IMG revealed a few other details about the tents, including a lobby area that dwarfs Bryant Park’s, complete with modern, digitized signage, a 969-seat theater that boasts an upstage video wall, and a new space for live and still-life presentations dubbed the Box. No word yet on how nightlife impresario Simon Hammerstein feels about that.

Photo: Courtesy of IMG

More On The Big Move: DVF And Bloomie Make It Official


The mayor has spoken: “Fashion week has found a new home practically tailored (pardon the pun) to its needs,” said Michael Bloomberg at a press conference earlier this afternoon in the Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt. The move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center’s 87,000-square-foot Damrosch Park will take place in 2010, which means we’ve got three more seasons at BP. “I love the idea of fashion being tied to culture,” said CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg. Mayor Bloomberg might deny being a fashion plate, but he’s no stranger to the industry. In addition to noting fashion’s crucial relationship to the city in a slew of statistics—175,00 jobs, $1.6 billion in annual tax revenue—he also introduced DVF as a “personal friend.” And when a reporter asked about fashion trends, he retorted: “I will call Mizrahi this afternoon and ask him.”

Fashionistas: Behold Your Future Home


Bye-bye, Bryant Park. After 15 years of hoisting the tents and hosting fashion week, the park is reportedly being replaced by Lincoln Center in 2010. That’s the A, B, C, D, and 1 trains, ladies. Whole Foods Columbus Circle, get ready for an injection of fabulousness.

Calvin Klein model and Avedon muse Vincent Gallo puts his money where his mouth is. Somewhere dirty.

The economy strikes again: Macy’s and Liz Claiborne feel the burn, shed employees.

But take heart, newly unemployed: The fetish industry always needs a few extra hands; in fact, “the sector is poised for expansion,” according to a former craftswoman. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Tom Ford takes his own (surprisingly SFW) pictures.

And now for something NSFW: Christian Bale needs absolute silence. He’s making Terminator: Salvation, so don’t $!&# with his craft.

Photo: Getty Images