August 29 2014

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Blasblog: Diana Widmaier Picasso’s Cure For The Too-Many-Parties Blues


Down here in Miami, I’ve found that fashion folk and art worlders have at least one hobby in common: They all love to complain. (That doesn’t exclude me, either; I’ve caught myself moaning when a party has prosecco instead of Champagne or, even worse, doesn’t have sparkling water.) Parties are too boring, too New York, or too unoriginal; they start too late, or there’s too many of them. It’s always something. But for all the complaints, there was one party that was totally singular and totally fascinating. It was Diana Widmaier Picasso’s fête at the Raleigh for Klaus Biesenbach, the recently appointed director of P.S.1 and a Chief Curator at Large at MoMA, which featured midnight performances from Kalup Linzy, Ryan McNamara, and Terence Koh.

“I wanted to do something special, something fun, something unordinary,” Picasso explained (that’s her on James Franco’s right, with Linda Yablonsky). So she did. The night started with Linzy (pictured, left) performing some of the numbers from his music videos, which you’ve seen here. McNamara then tore through the crowd with his spotlight dance performance, and Terence Koh finished the evening with his piece, which started with him lying motionless on the floor of one of the hotel’s restaurant terraces and ended with a mass migration of the whole party to the beach, with plastic cups and bottles of booze stolen from the bar. It was festive and fun, completely original, and unrepeatable. Even so, I heard someone complain that it was too cold outside.


Photo: Derek Blasberg