August 30 2014

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Editorialist Toasts Its Collaboration With the CFDA


Stefania Allen, Steven Kolb, Kate Davidson Hudson

It was a fashion feast among friends last night at The High Line Hotel, where the CFDA and Editorialist celebrated their collaborative Accessories Spotlight campaign. “Accessories and jewelry aren’t often promoted,” offered the CFDA’s Steven Kolb, explaining the impetus for the ongoing series. “Most of the designers featured, this is their craft and their art,” said Kolb, who decided to show his personal support by donning a pair of Illesteva frames.

Once a month, Editorialist—the fashion magazine meets online retailer created by former Elle editors Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson—casts the spotlight on a new CFDA accessories designer. Showcased talents, like this month’s Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost, receive a dedicated gallery on Editorialist, where their confections are displayed. Furthermore, special content gives greater insight into the brands’ aesthetics, inspirations, and histories.

The camaraderie was certainly passed around the long dining table as editors, designers, and models sipped champagne and dined on ginger-crusted tilapia under the high-vaulted ceiling of the gothic, turn-of-the-century hotel. “It’s OK, we know each other!” said one editor as she boldly stabbed her fork into her neighbor’s fish.

So what did Illesteva’s Daniel Silberman think of Kolb’s eyewear choice? “I think Steven rotates between a few other designers’ pairs,” said Silberman. “But no one gets mad. Here, we’re all friends.”

Photo: David X Prutting/BFAnyc.comĀ 

The CFDA’s New Members Revealed


Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis at the 2013 CFDA Awards

The CFDA just got a little—well, actually, significantly—bigger. Today, the Council of Fashion Designers of America named 32 new members, including Suno’s Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis (above), who won the 2013 Swarovski Award for Womenswear, Jennifer Meyer, Todd Snyder, Creatures of the Wind’s Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters, Lulu Frost’s Lisa Salzer, Illesteva’s Daniel Silberman and Justin Salguero, and more. “Acceptance into the CFDA family is validation of a designer’s talent and it is an opportunity to access the many offerings and programs provided by the organization,” CFDA CEO Steven Kolb told WWD. The council, which hosted its 2013 awards bash last week, is now up to a whopping 454 members.

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

At The Social Set’s Holiday Parties, The Past Is Present

------- contributing editor and party reporter Darrell Hartman circles the city and, occasionally, the globe in the line of duty. In a new column, he reports on the topics—whatever they may be at whatever given moment—that are stirring the social set.

Last week, the in-demand event designer Bronson van Wyck made his first foray into retail with a holiday pop-up space at the West Village vintage shop Overbey & Dunn. A shrine to traditional (read: WASP) Christmas, it’s richly decked out with vintage baubles and antlered taxidermy. There are magnolia garlands by the foot, with the added option of gilding and pomegranates—”an ancient symbol of prosperity and good fortune,” van Wyck explained at the launch party Thursday night, which drew the likes of André Balazs (left, with van Wyck) and Martha Stewart. (“Fabulous,” the entertaining queen declared, admiring a basket of faux-glass ornaments.) Van Wyck’s staff—or “elves,” as he’s calling them—will even deliver you a made-to-measure Christmas tree.

People tend to get nostalgic around the holidays. We literally turn the clocks back, as if to prepare for them. But there seems to be more nostalgia going on this time around. For the high-minded party set this season, revisiting the past is all the rage. Continue Reading “At The Social Set’s Holiday Parties, The Past Is Present” »

Lulu Frosts Another Layer


“I started out the [100-Year] collection with this real tour de force necklace to show off a century of history within one piece,” says Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer. She is referencing the $1,925 necklace—a mash-up of materials sourced from various eras and cultures, including Czech glass, Bakelite, and Art Deco glass from the thirties—she debuted in April. Since the moment for minimalism seems to have passed, Salzer has followed suit with more of her bold baubles. On Wednesday, she launches expanded offerings from the collection, earrings ($505) and bracelets ($576), on

“Just like the necklace, these pieces showcase all different decades and how beautifully they can harmonize together,” Salzer says of her vintage gems, each made from at least six different antique elements, like cut steel from the Victorian era, vintage buckles from the 1890′s, and Bakelite from the sixties. Salzer spanned many decades for her latest bijoux, but for her Spring 2012 outing, the designer says she’s stuck on the sixties’ surf culture.

Photo: Courtesy of Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost Likes Your Family Jewels


Instead of jostling for calendar space later in the week, jewelry designer Lisa Salzer decided to debut her new Lulu Frost line Tuesday night alongside a sculptural clothing collection from her friend Karolina Zmarlak (back in 2005, both designers won Gen Art awards in their respective categories). “We just decided to do a little showing of our work as old friends,” said Lisa of the low-key fête at the Highline attended by the likes of Irina Pantaeva and Amanda Hearst. “And it’s really the first time I’ve debuted a full new line. It’s based on a trip I took to Tulum with my boyfriend and a bunch of friends. It has an ethnic feel with bright colors.” The collection utilizes multihued hem tape, sterling and bronze African beads, and deco and Victorian baubles—the latter of which have become more available with a steady stream of recession-driven estate sales. “It’s really sad that
people are loosing their traditional heirlooms,” Salzer admitted. “But we’re also doing something to counteract this difficult time, like our new line with Urban Outfitters. You have to understand what people can afford.” The early celebration doesn’t mean Salzer—who’s done the runway jewels for DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Chris Benz in previous seasons—is done for the week. Earlier in the day she was asked to whip up something for Melissa Coker’s Wren show a few days away. “I knew something would come about tonight or tomorrow,” she said. “It’s always a last minute thing.”

Photo: Billy Farrell /