August 21 2014

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Elie Tahari, The CFDA Do Right By Humanity


It was chilly in New York last night, but the welcome couldn’t have been warmer at Diane von Furstenberg’s studio for Gohar Rajabzadeh, the first-ever winner of the CFDA’s Liz Claiborne Scholarship (pictured, left, with DVF and Art Ortenberg, Claiborne’s husband and business partner). Rajabzadeh, a senior at the Miami International University of Art & Design, is of Persian descent and grew up in Sweden. Inspired by both places, her designs are all about easy sportswear and outerwear, and she, fittingly, cites Liz Claiborne as a major influence. “I also love texture and playing with fabric. The one piece I think everyone should have is a great coat with a big hood and deep pockets.”

The deep-pocket appreciator now has a deep-pocketed benefactor. The $25,000 scholarship prize is endowed by Ortenberg in his late wife’s memory. “There’s nothing like being accepted by your peers,” the dapper Ortenberg told the crowd. “There were 20 finalists, but Gohar stood out.” The judging panel—which included Van Lupu, Dana Buchman, Andrew Rosen, Vena Cava’s Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, Victoria Bartlett, and Ortenberg himself—agreed. “For a young designer, this is like winning the lottery,” said Elie Tahari. But there’s more than mere money at stake. “To support young designers is just a great thing for humanity,” he added. What could be warmer than that?

Photo: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan

The Mystery Is Gone, Karl On Curves, And More…


Mystique in fashion? So last season. Exposure is in (hello, no pants) and exclusivity is out. Tweet, shop, dress, and DIY accordingly. [WWD]

Marc Jacobs’ take on fashion’s lack of intrigue? Stop being nostalgic: “It’s just better to accept things for what they are and enjoy them.” [WWD]

After Liz Claiborne’s decision to sell exclusively at JCPenney, John Bartlett has decided to leave the company. Look for him and Cintra Wilson shopping elsewhere together. [WWD]

German mag Brigitte‘s plan to use only real women as models elicited the following from Karl Lagerfeld: “No one wants to see curvy women.” The charm and tact just ooze, right? [Wa Today]

Archs sans Lohan? Slightly improved. [The Cut]

Trovata: settled. [WWD]

Yohji: saved. [WWD]

Photo: Victory Boyko/Getty Images

Isaac Mizrahi, Curator


Does Isaac Mizrahi sleep? It hardly seems likely. Not only is Mizrahi prepping Spring ’10 collections for both his own label and Liz Claiborne, where he came on board as creative director last year, but he plays a starring part in Bravo’s new series The Fashion Show, he blogs, and he hosts his own weekly fashion klatch on his Web site, and frankly, God knows what else he’s up to, but certainly something. Nevertheless, Mizrahi has managed to carve out some spare time over the past six months to jump into a new role as curator: His first exhibition, Summer Pictures, opens at the Julie Saul Gallery in Chelsea this Thursday night and features work by artists such as Maira Kalman, Adrianne Lobel, Lisa Sanditz, Julia Sherman, and Wayne Thiebaud. Here, Mizrahi talks to about color, cupcakes, and more color.

What made you decide that you wanted to curate an art show?
Oh, gosh. Let’s see…Well, my friend Julie Saul has a gallery, and not too long ago she became the gallerist for my very dear friend Maira Kalman, and then we started talking. She—Julie—was telling me that the gallery is usually pretty slow in the summertime, and I mentioned that I’d love to put together a small show of work by artists that I really love, and then, you know, it was just one of those things.

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Isaac Mizrahi’s Goes Kaleidoplaid For Liz Claiborne


Midtown after dark isn’t the sexiest place to charm a fashionista, so if you’re asking us to come, it better be good. But we needn’t have feared: When there’s an Isaac Mizrahi attachment, you know it’s going to be well worth the trip. Last night’s cocktail party cum-presentation of Liz Claiborne Fall ’09 (Mizrahi’s third collection for the line) was quintessential Isaac. Backed by the Ben Waltzer jazz quartet (who plays with the designer when he performs at Joe’s Pub), models marched out 36 solid looks in the form of a continuous runway show.

With collection themes like New Wheels (fifties lumberjack), Color Dot Com (electric eighties), and LizBean (seventies New England), there was something for everyone, especially if you like fall. Cheerful and vibrant, with the slightest nostalgic pull, denim peacoats, Melton toggle jackets, and duffel coats (the latter in Kaleidoplaid, which seems to be what happens when lavender, lime, and tangerine join forces for fabulousness) were layered with leopard, corduroy, and lace. “I believe in color! I don’t care what they say. With the economic climate you have to start the season with the right color!” Mizrahi proclaimed. Well, there was lots of it, and even in this Debbie Downer economy you can have it: Nothing in Mizrahi’s collection will go for over $200. But what about the accessories, like the perfect black pointy-toe paddock boots we spied? “My goal is to make everything available,” Mizrahi promised. Oh, Isaac. You rule.

Photo: Dan Lecca

Fashionistas: Behold Your Future Home


Bye-bye, Bryant Park. After 15 years of hoisting the tents and hosting fashion week, the park is reportedly being replaced by Lincoln Center in 2010. That’s the A, B, C, D, and 1 trains, ladies. Whole Foods Columbus Circle, get ready for an injection of fabulousness.

Calvin Klein model and Avedon muse Vincent Gallo puts his money where his mouth is. Somewhere dirty.

The economy strikes again: Macy’s and Liz Claiborne feel the burn, shed employees.

But take heart, newly unemployed: The fetish industry always needs a few extra hands; in fact, “the sector is poised for expansion,” according to a former craftswoman. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Tom Ford takes his own (surprisingly SFW) pictures.

And now for something NSFW: Christian Bale needs absolute silence. He’s making Terminator: Salvation, so don’t $!&# with his craft.

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