August 28 2014

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Blasblog: Tea With the Mulleavys


In the world of fashion, Katherine Ross, the PR honcho for all of LVMH, definitely has some pull. But who knew she also had an in with Mother Nature? “I saw that it was about to rain, so I made some calls,” she jested, poolside at the Chateau Marmont where she and Alex de Batek were hosting a sunset poolside tea party for Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy. While you could see some drops in the light of the projection screen showing Tuesday’s Rodarte show, which was being beamed over the pool, they dissipated soon enough for the likes of Francesco Clemente, André Balasz, Vincent Gallo, and Tracee Ellis Ross. In the middle of the party, when the tea was flowing like wine and decapitated gingerbread men littered the deck, Alex de Batek got on the mic to sing “Happy Birthday” to Kate. “Yes, this was all a clever ruse to throw me a birthday,” she teased. “I wanted everyone to think I had this many friends.” Not that she was fooling anyone with her deprecation: many had come not for the dresses or the herbal refreshments, but the girls themselves. “I’ve been dying to get to know these girls better,” Natalia Vodianova said. “I love what they do.”

Photo: Andreas Branch /

At Givenchy, Client Versus Cool Girl


One usually thinks of the couture as a genteel scene, but last night at Givenchy’s darkly romantic show, there was a bit of culture clash between the ladies who lunch and the fashion crowd. As cameras jostled for shots of front-row girls Lou Doillon, Joana Preiss, and Liz Goldwyn, the serious (read: buying) clientele sat serenely a few feet down. Perhaps they were catching their breath after trying to get in. The entry to the venue had all the classic trappings of fashion bedlam: massive barricades, a surging crowd trying to navigate a tiny entryway, and lots of pushing and shoving. One distraught lady of a certain age was overheard remarking to her friend, “After all the money we spend, this is how they treat us?” No matter how high your bank balance, ladies, that’s the price you pay to attend a must-see show that has the press and the cool kids in a frenzy. And after seeing the procession of gorgeous gowns on display, we would have endured much more for the chance to witness Riccardo Tisci’s testament to the future of couture.

Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images

los angeles fashion week: where’s liz goldywn?


Don’t expect to see Liz Goldwyn out and about this Los Angeles fashion week. “I’m far too immersed in some upcoming art and museum projects,” says the multi-talented West Coast style maven. “I’m curating a film series that will be screened in conjunction with the Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008 exhibit at LACMA, which starts later this month.” In addition to Goldwyn’s triple-header selection of titles, which falls under an “Anti-Glamour Documentaries” theme, Angelenos will be treated to a roundup of Q&A sessions featuring Goldwyn. First she’ll be interviewed on the topic of her 2005 directorial debut, Pretty Things, and at a later date she’ll take on the role of moderator by posing questions to fellow directors whose films are included in her lineup: Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens) and Lauren Greenfield (Thin)

Photo: Linlee Allen

news brief


Wearing underwear as outerwear is nothing new. Exposed bra straps date at least as far back as Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan days. Exposed underpants are a rather newer development, but there’s no denying that briefs are a bona fide trend. In the last few weeks, we’ve spotted party girls Liz Goldwyn, Juliette Lewis, and Daisy Lowe modeling them over black hose. And if designers have their way, we’ll be working the look sans tights come spring. Glorified panties—the term “short shorts” does not do them justice—were all over the runways, everywhere from Marni to MaxMara to Marc Jacobs. Will you dare to go bare? Let us know.

Photo: Liz Goldwyn: Max Montingelli/SGP; Juliette Lewis: Getty Images; Daisy Lowe: Rex USA

blasblog from paris: the consensus is in: rykiel was worth the hike


I probably heard Wednesday’s big question a hundred times yesterday: Are you going to Sonia Rykiel? Are you going to Sonia Rykiel? There was a lot of vacillation. Natalia Vodianova was going to politely decline—as everyone was bemoaning, the venue was miles away, and she had Stella McCartney at 9:30 this morning—but then when Carine Roitfeld asked her to sit at her table, she bucked up the energy. And when it was revealed that the dinner that was to follow the show would be very placement and that the empty chairs would be identified for the world to see, that helped round up a few more people. Liz Goldwyn, who provided an essay on Sonia Rykiel for an upcoming exhibition on the designer’s work at the Louvre, wasn’t going to miss it for the world. “I admire Sonia Rykiel so much,” she said before the show began, adding that she and Dita Von Teese were waiting with bated breath to see what the designer would come up with. “She’s a strong woman, but knows the power of sex. She knows how to have her cake and wear a corset, too.” For Emma Watson, the highlight of the show was the finale, for which 30 designers—everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Jeremy Scott to Olivier Theyskens—each created a tribute look to Madame Rykiel. “That was awesome!” the Harry Potter star said. “How come all the shows aren’t like that? I think they should be.” Watson wasn’t the only one who was moved. “After that, I’ve retired from shows for good,” said Irina Lazareanu, who had previously told me that she wasn’t going to do any shows this season. “I mean it!” Uh huh.

Photo: Derek Blasberg