August 29 2014

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Tradlands Helps You Get That Tomboy Style


Tomboy Style

As no woman’s wardrobe is complete without an ample assortment of button-downs, the search for the perfect fit, print, and fabric can be a never-ending journey. Tradlands began creating the staple in 2013. Its product is inspired by him but made just for her with a relentless commitment to shirting’s faintest particulars. Now the San Francisco-based brand, helmed by husband-and-wife pair Jeremy and Sadie Roberts, has enlisted blogger Lizzie Garrett Mettler of Tomboy Style to lend her hand to a collaborative capsule of updated women’s popover shirts, made from a solid white and grape-striped oxford. “Their entire concept came from the idea that there is a lack of well-made, well-fitting, menswear-inspired button-downs for women,” Garrett Mettler told of what spurred their partnership, voicing her own frustration at not being able to find the perfect popover. “We all appreciate and understand the tomboy ethos,” echoed Tradlands’ Sadie Roberts of the shirt’s tailored but still lightly fitted look and feel.

Fit for an adventure—and built to last—these new designs are elevating the brand that’s been focused on function for so long. “There’s always a goal to fill gaps in the market and improve existing products,” Roberts continued. “[Lizzie] found something missing when shopping for herself.” And together they’re filling that blank space with these two utterly wearable new styles. And while partnering with Garrett Mettler brings new exposure to the brand, the blogger and author reveals that tomboy or not, it’s all in the details. “Every aspect of their design is considered, from the fabric to the buttons.”

Tradlands x Tomboy Style is available now, $167. For more information, visit

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Exclusive: Gryphon X Tomboy Style


With a track record that coolly reflects her ongoing commitment to collaboration (past partners include Elettra Wiedemann and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine), Gryphon’s Aimee Cho set her sights on Lizzie Garrett Mettler of the blog Tomboy Style (and the recently Rizzoli-published Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion) for Spring ’13. The pair conceived a design that pays equal homage to the aesthetic of both parties in a fresh mash-up of unexpected indigo print set against an army jacket. “I just felt like there was a spirit to Lizzie’s interpretation and view on ‘tomboy’ that really resonated for me,” Cho said, reflecting on her own collection, much of which borrows from the boys. “I never want anything to feel too precious and I think that resonates with the underlying theme of tomboy style that Lizzie has created.”

Far from the traditional trench that’s become a Gryphon signature, the Tomboy jacket (available for preorder beginning Monday, September 24, at is a riff on the hunting jacket and equestrian blazer. Designed of water-repellent cotton-metal twill (for shape and texture) and accented with printed-cotton patchwork resembling Japanese indigo dyes, the jacket takes inspiration from the original Barbour, Joanne Woodward, and even World War II correspondent Margaret Bourke-White, whom Garrett Mettler had in mind when envisioning the design. “The art of tomboy style is about mobility, and the idea of the jacket is that Aimee wanted someone to be able to wear it in elements in nature,” Garrett Mettler said, highlighting its functionality—and practicality, which Cho champions as a new mother. “Plus, I’ve noticed it goes with everything.”

Photo: Courtesy of Gryphon